_46A9077From the sound of the bugle in the morning through taps in the evening, you can always count on something special happening at Camp Timberlake. Even in a seemingly average day, there is something unique about this place. In an environment that is big enough to be exciting and small enough for everyone to be known, a typical day means lifelong friendships are being formed, new talents are being discovered, and boys are slowly growing into men. Today was no exception.


This morning, as millions of people across the country rolled out of bed to start another week of work, the boys of Timberlake awoke to the smell of biscuits and excitement. While Sundays are meant to be a day of rest and extended free time, Monday marks the return to our normal schedule of activities.


After breakfast and the morning yell, we went to chapel to hear how Jesus saves us despite our own efforts to save ourselves. Then, activities started back up, and campers continued to improve in activities often practiced exclusively during summers at camp. In fencing, Carter S. earned his bronze bar in fencing through mastery of the rules and fundamentals of the sport. In kayaking, the older campers enjoyed a beautiful day on the lake with kayaking variants of dodgeball and water polo. On the more technical side, Henry B. and Jack B. mastered their offside rolls as Tony G. learned how to effectively t-rescue.


At lunch, we enjoyed pizza, fruits, and delicious ice-cream sandwiches before Case M. and Leyton H. competed in an Olympic shot-put competition using paper napkins as the rest of camp cheered them on. Then, following thirty much-needed minutes of rest and a period of free time, afternoon activities continued.


In riflery, Carlton W. and Archie G. had the most accurate shooting seen thus far this summer at Timberlake. Despite filling up on a delicious lunch, the boys in cooking class prepared and enjoyed a post-meal snack of Mac n’ Cheese and Pigs in a Blanket. In backpacking, the boys prepared for an upcoming trip through team-building exercises and learned how to use backcountry stoves.


Following a dinner of chicken fajitas and churros, the dining hall erupted into a roar after cabin night was announced for evening activities. During cabin nights, each cabin has the freedom to plan something fun for several hours in place of the regular evening activities. Most of the younger cabins went to the lake for a free swim, where Brendan D. showed off his cannonball skills and many Tomahawk campers showed bravery going down the water slide. Little Slaty and Greybeard enjoyed offsite trips, while Big Slaty staged an Italian-themed Top Chef competition in the kitchen.


As the sun goes down and marks the end of another day at camp, it is easy to get caught up in the details of day-to-day life at camp and forget the bigger picture. In a world away from the pressures of school and everyday life, the boys at Timberlake are growing through friends and adventure.

Robbie Edmiston


UNC-CH Class of 2016


1st Session CIT Director


Proud Seminole