_46A8064As the sun rose over these North Carolina mountains, enveloping the camp in mystic loveliness, everyone was awakened by the bugle at 7am, signifying the start of another incredible day at Timberlake. Campers and staff made the quick walk down to breakfast, and were greeted by a Timberlake favorite, French Toast and sausage. The dining hall was nearly silent as everyone chowed down on a universally beloved meal, as they prepared themselves for the day ahead.

After breakfast came the Morning Yell, and following that came Chapel. Today’s talk was about Jesus our hero, and the verse came from Romans 3:23-24, a powerful reminder for everyone in attendance.

Next came Cabin Cleanup, and there was one question on the minds of everyone – Would Big Slaty be able to continue their dominance in cleanliness? Big Slaty has become an unstoppable dynasty, reminiscent of the mid 1990s Chicago Bulls, but their dominance came at a cost, as everyone was looking to take them down.

Following Cabin Cleanup, Timberlake went their separate ways to the morning’s activities. At the Archery Range, Teddy O. and AJ R. made progress towards their Bronze bars in Archery, and looked like a modern day Robin Hood. Over at Camp Craft, Henry S. showed great leadership in helping the younger kids in the activity as the class learned how to use a camp stove. Lastly, Mateo J. and Elliott J. began working towards their Bronze bars in Climbing over at the Traverse Wall.

Once the morning activities had ended, Timberlake reconvened at the Dining Hall for lunch. Everyone was looking for another great meal and they were definitely treated to one, as the kitchen was serving meatball subs and waffle fries, with fudge bars for dessert. However, throughout the whole meal, everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for a singular announcement, the cabin scores.

Soon, Timberlake got through the meal, and the cabin scores were ready to be announced. Shockingly, the Big Slaty dynasty was brought to an end, as the men of Little Slaty came out on top in the end. Overall, Big Slaty is still enjoying a fairly sizeable lead, with Tomahawk and GreyBeard trailing not too far behind.

After lunch came the best time – rest time, which was followed by trading post and free time. Today, this part of the day was filled with camper-led tournaments ranging from basketball to tetherball, providing many with a fun outlet for competition at an unlikely time.

The afternoon activities were up next, and during these two hours, everyone at camp was excelling. In Riflery, Thompson B. received his Bronze in archery in a single class, shooting all the groupings required for the accomplishment. Also in riflery, Cort P. shot great and Travis R. hit a bullseye. Over at the tennis courts, Eli C. accomplished the incredible, earning his gold bar in tennis, becoming the first Timberlake camper this summer to earn the honor. Also in Tennis, Tyler F. earned his bronze bar. Finally, up at the Mark, Caleb F. and Carlton W. both earned the bronze and silver bars in Wrestling, and both are progressing towards their Gold Bar, one of the hardest bars in camp to earn.

Timberlake once again came together after the activities block, this time for dinner. Tonight, the kitchen staff worked hard at preparing freshly grilled chicken for all of the campers and staff. At dinner, everyone was waiting for another announcement – what the evening activity would be.

As the evening activity helmet was donned, sending camp into a frenzy, no one knew quite what to expect, last night had been great, and everyone was anticipating another fantastic activity. Once the activity was announced – El Presidente(!!!!!) – the dining hall went into blissful jubilation, as everyone couldn’t wait to play a camp favorite. As I’m writing this, the two tribes are locked in combat, and the winner will be announced tomorrow at lunch. The contests have been close, and even though the Seminoles have come out on top in the victory column more than the Iroquois, the banner is still anyone’s game.

Overall, days like this are what camp so great. Friends and adventure are an incredible mix for everyone, and help to spur the fantastic times that we see each and every day here at Timberlake.

Until Next Time,

Charlie Richards

Cabin Area Director

UGA Class of 2017

Orlando Magic Superfan

Proud Seminole

Part-Time Tennis Instructor

Cabin Cleanup Lover

Spreadsheet Aficionado