IMG_9825Today was another glorious day at Camp Timberlake! As the boys made their way down from the cabins they were greeted by the smells of biscuits, scrambled eggs, and the greatest food of them all…BACON. After another rousing morning yell the guys headed up to chapel to sing songs and hear from our very own Counselor Nick L.

After cabin cleanup, everybody made his way to first and second periods! In Archery, Brendan D. and Blade F. were best in their class and Blade won the score contest! In Riflery, Henry S. completed all the requirements to earn his silver bar and Trey F. shot multiple targets to move towards his silver! In Swimming, the boys started learning freestyle and Colby S. and Archie G. really excelled throughout the day.

Lunch today consisted of Greek pita pockets and chocolate chip cookies! After lunch we learned that last night’s game of Mission Impossible turned out to be possible and was won by the SEMINOLES! Then the boys headed up to the best time, rest time and proceeded from there to Trading Post and free time. At free time, the Kayakers took over the lake and AJ R. got his roll on his first try! Also at swimming Hugh S. completed the first half of his bronze bar requirements.

In the afternoon classes, Kayaking learned T-rescues, and rolls. James B. was in multiple classes and helped a lot of other campers. In Climbing, Nate S. and Garrett S. perfected their double fisherman’s knot! Finally, in Backpacking, Henry S. Jim S. and Brent S. showed excellent leadership and positivity in helping the other guys complete the low ropes course.

At dinner, we ate a hardy helping of burrito casserole and cherry pies! Following dinner it was revealed that the evening activity was Little Chief and Battle Ball!!!

As a special treat for the camp, Clark D. surprised everyone and led us all in the first ever Timberlake Evening Yell! We yelled louder than ever before as the guys prepared for the Little Chief ceremony.

During the Little Chief ceremony, many campers received commendations from their peers and counselors.


Camper: Blade F., Ren G., Cort P.

Counselor: Blade F., Ren G.

Little Piney:

Camper: Elliot J., Brent S.

Counselor: Jimbo D., Elliot J.

Big Piney:

Camper: Tyler F., Mateo J.

Counselor: Ryan C., Mateo J.

Stompers Knob:

Camper: Teddy O.

Counselor: Anthony G.

Little Slaty:

Camper: Henry B., Caleb F.

Counselor: Chuck H., Lucky O.

Big Slaty:

Camper: Jack B., Colby S.

Counselor: Jack B., Thompson B.


Camper: James B., Henry M., Henry S.

Counselor: James B., Henry S.

Tonight the boys of Timberlake reached new heights receiving promotions in their rise towards Little Chief. After the ceremony, the newly crowned men of Timberlake, duked it out in The Mike in a battle of the balls.

Another successful day of camping and we hope for more blue skies and sunshine for days to come.


Max Hartman

Big Slaty Counselor

Proud Iroquois

Roll Tide.