As the breakfast bell tolls for the second time (with the first toll signaling the arrival of the plate setters), a stampede of campers charge into Tucker Inn finding their now familiar seats only three days into camp. After singing Doxology and praying for the food the campers were seated awaiting the arrival of a delicious plate of eggs, potatoes, and biscuits brought by their counselors. Bellies full the campers gather at the Volleyball court to yell into the morning, a tradition unlike any other, signaling the real start of a typical Camp Timberlake day. As the kids rush off to chapel we were treated to songs led by Morning Activity Director Davis B. and Replacement Morning Activity Director Thomas C. for the last time (the latter who is leaving for Medical School). We next had the pleasure of listening to Ryan N. who gave an anecdote about a Stormy Petrol, relating the story to the lesson bad things sometimes happen for good reasons. It is then off to the cabins where the campers compete for the cleanest cabin with todays victors being the cabin of Little Piney who are on a winning streak of two days.

Moving onto morning activities, Matthew J. earned a gold in team sports, watch out Olympics we got a kid here and he’s hungry for gold. Ryder D., Baran D., and Davis P. are making a run at being the new Three Musketeers with each of the three earning a bronze in fencing. Ben A. received his bronze in riflery and JB G. is on his way to attaining a silver in riflery as well. Knot tying masters in training Alex W., Sam A.,    Tim H., Logan H., Charlie W., and Christian S., embark on their bronze bars in climbing which includes knot tying, climbing the boulder, and climbing the upper tower. Jack D. earned his Bronze in paintball, which has allowed him to receive a bronze in all of his current activities. Henry H. won a 1 versus 1 against Logan H. in airsoft getting him one step closer to bronze. Hunter S., Seamus G., Brandon P., Zeb H., Jack H., crushed the Lowergreen kayaking trip; this trip allowed Hunter S. and Jack H. to complete a combat roll. There was a hard fought race practicing the 6 strides the campers learned in canoeing, with Drew S. and Sam H. winning the race. Peyton W., Issac L., Alex N., and Aubrey S., went on a trip to Graveyard Fields and hiked and swam under a waterfall an adventure they are sure to remember.

Today was also a day of great staff development as Ryan N. our climbing instructor went out of his comfort zone to teach kayaking to help cover for the instructors who led the kayaking trip. Zach T. our resident tennis instructor also grew, helping out and watching campers during the white water rafting trip. The campers caught Zach T.’s excitement as he cheered through every white water no matter the size.

After a dinner of Chicken Divan, and steamed carrots the campers gather together to play a “firery” game of Inferno. The tribes compete transferring cups of water to try and put out the fire of their opposing tribe while simultaneously completing tasks to earn logs to keep their own fire going. This Inferno, however is not like the Inferno of old, it is Inferno 2.0 with the added challenge of building up a second fire to burn away a string hanging above a wheel barrel. With those two tasks complete the tribes are allowed to shoot waterballoons at a fire on the fire dock in order to win the evening activity. Stay tune tomorrow to find out the deciding victor of INFERNO 2.0!

This is Jackie Lin signing out.

Go Heels!

Stompers Knob

3rd session cabin cleanup winners pending…