Today was an extremely fun filled day at Camp Timberlake. We started to morning with the beautiful sounds of Reveille, and trotted down to the dining hall for a delicious breakfast of Baked Oatmeal, Coffee Cake and Sausage Links. At the end of breakfast, we heard words from our beloved counselor Nick L. at chapel and sang everyone’s favorite chapel song, “The Banana Song”. When chapel had come to a close, the entire camp rushed into their cabins to clean furiously in pursuit of the Golden Plunger.

After every single cabin was squeaky clean the Timberlake campers headed to their activities. We had a stellar time during activities. On the lake, campers in canoeing worked on switching positions in a canoe and the 3 basic principles of canoeing. Just down the down from canoeing is the kayaking class, where Thomas H., Jack H., and Seamus G., all earned their Bronze bars today…Huzzah! Right next to kayaking is the amazing swimming class. Today in swimming, the excited campers worked on their breaststroke, and JB G. earned his Silver Bar. Way to go JB! We aren’t doing triple backflips in our lake activities, but we might get there one day!

Just a short, hop, skip, and jump away from the lake at the Rocketry Hut, all of the Rocketry classes started building their rockets. These rockets have to be so structurally sound that they can be shot high into the Troposphere. Let me tell you, these rockets are looking fabulous! Just across the hall from Rocketry is the class that lets our creative juices flow, Pottery. These young artists work hard to make beautiful but functional pieces. The pottery classes made slab mugs during class today, and those babies are just about ready to be fired in the kiln! Tristan J. also built a beautiful bowl. You have to see it to believe it…that thing is FLAWLESS!

We also had some amazing trips go out today. Jack D., Will K., Harper C., Charlie D., Jack W., Tom B., Conrad A., Nathan M., Santiago S., and Sean G. all went to the Black Mountain Disc Golf course for Timberlake’s first every Team Sports trip! On the wetter side, Jack B., Bennett D., Pablo D., Carson H., Bobby H., Jake K., Matthew S., Phillip S., Noah W., and Joey W. all shredded some rafting on the Pigeon!

I’m getting hungry just thinking about all of this excitement.  Speaking of food (one of our favorite things here at Camp Timberlake), we had a delicious lunch of Pita Pockets with homemade chips, with awesome cookies with a chocolate kiss in the middle for desert. Once all the campers’ appetites were satisfied, we all went to the best time, REST TIME! This was a much needed rest for many of the campers. Once we had all rested up, we enjoyed some delicious Trading Post along with Tetherball, Thunderball, Tennis, and other activities that had been opened for campers to earn bars. After an amazing free time, we all headed to finish the rest of our daily activities.

In the cooking kitchen, our young master chefs made fried rice and egg rolls. We also had some amazing happenings up on Spencer’s Green this afternoon. All of our Climbing classes met at the upper tower, which is a huge top roping, artificial rock wall. All of the campers who ascended the wall were brave, but Thomas W. began to work on his Bronze Bar requirements for climbing. Right behind the rock wall are our Team Sports and Soccer Classes. Team Sports worked on their throwing motion and catching techniques for football, and played a short game to put their skills to the test. Over in Soccer, Brian S., and Kennon S. both got their Bronze Bar! Just up the hill from Spencer’s is The Mark. The Mark is one of the most amazing views at camp, and is also where wrestling class is held. During Wrestling today, the campers learned top and bottom referee’s position, and Matthew J. and Joe V. worked toward their Gold Bar. After the amazing afternoon of camp, we all headed down to the Tucker Inn for a delicious dinner of taco casserole and enchiladas, all topped off with ice cream for dessert.

After dinner we headed to the Lake for PIRATE BALL!! During pirate ball we have kayak and canoe polo, water polo, raft races, treasure hunting, sword duels (fencing) and water balloon launching. It was a hard fought battle, and many points were scored, but we have to wait until tomorrow to find who won! After we decided to become Land Lubbers again, cabins headed to various s’mores fires, free swims, and other awesome post-evening activities. Although this is the end of another amazing day at Timberlake, we are excited for tomorrow to come!

I hope that you have enjoyed this recap of the day at Camp. Much fun was had and many chants were chanted. We can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store!


Dylan “D Scary” Scaringelli

Greybeard Counselor and Proud Seminole

Appalachian State ‘15