As campers and staff awoke to the bugle this morning, no one had any idea of what would be in store for the events of the day. Everyone made their way down to breakfast, and expected just another day at camp, but as the meal wound down, Timberlake was shocked.

To everyone’s surprise, Program Director Brandon C. donned the helmet normally reserved for the evening activity announcement, and at that moment, everyone knew that this meant one thing and one thing only. Today would be Tribe A Palooza.

For those that aren’t familiar with Tribe A Palooza, let me give you a quick run down. On a normal day at camp, we do just one evening activity, and it’s loved by everyone. But on Tribe A Palooza, we play three evening activities, making the day three times as fun.

So when Brandon donned the helmet, the dining hall went bezerk. Timberlake had been eagerly anticipating Tribe A Palooza, and it definitely showed. Campers and staff were jumping around, ready for the announcement of the activity, and when it finally announced as AQUAFEST(!!!!!!!) everyone was ready for one of the favorite evening activities at camp.

Once breakfast had ended, Timberlake marched back up the hill towards Chapel with a newfound anticipation for the day. Today, Camp Dad John K. told a true story about growing up, and never quite being the best athlete or student he knew, and read from the book of Romans. The overarching theme of it all was about how we may be good at some things, but are never going to be the best – Jesus is.

After chapel, everyone went back to the cabins for Cabin Cleanup. The race for the Golden Plunger and the pizza party that comes with it was heating up, and with everyone still in contention, every cabin was feverishly cleaning.

Soon, the cabins were cleaned, and Timberlake made their way to the lake for Aquafest. Aquafest is basically a giant potpourri of watersports activities, including swim relays, kayak and canoe relays, innertube water polo, biggest splash, best belly flop, craziest dive, and best blob.

At today’s Aquafest, everyone excelled, but a few people especially stood out. In the craziest dive competition, Owen W. did a one and a half dive that earned him a perfect 10 from all three judges. In the belly flop competition, Colby F. committed to the three A’s – angle, altitude, and attitude – and made a perfect “clap” sound as he made impact with the water, earning him adoration from his peers and the highest possible scores from the judges.

Once Aquafest came to a close, everyone made their way down to the Tucker Inn for a much needed Lunch. Today, Timberlake had a camp favorite, ham and cheese sandwiches. The dining hall was nearly silent as campers and staff chowed down on one of the classic meals, and heard the daily cabin cleanup scores – Little Piney continued their recent string of dominance with a perfect 10.

However, the focus of the meal wasn’t on the food itself. Instead, it was on the announcement of the next activity of Tribe A Palooza. So when Stomper’s Knob counselor Winston H. donned the helmet, the anticipation in the room was palpable and everyone went crazy for a second time and when the next activity was announced – EL PRESIDENTE!!!!!! – the dining hall erupted with excitement.

Before El Presidente, Timberlake made its way to the best hour, rest hour, and then to Trading Post and free time. But when 3pm rolled around, Timberlake made their way back to the Cabin Area for a rousing game of El Presidente.

A quick word on El Presidente – it’s one of the most loved games here at Timberlake. Each tribe appoints a President, two Five Star Generals, three Four Star Generals, and five Three Star Generals, with everyone else a Private. The goal of the game is to get the other team’s president, but the other tribe doesn’t know who they are.

The game started off just like any other, with some of the obvious choices being President and the higher ranks, but as the game progressed, strategy took over. Soon campers of all ages were made ranks, including Sam H. and Colby F. being named Five Star Generals for the Iroquois, and Conner M. being named the Seminole President.

El Presidente soon drew to a close and for a third and final time for the day, Timberlake met at the dining hall for a delicious dinner of grilled chicken. But this was no normal dinner, as the merry band of third session CITs were at their first meal of the summer. An ordinary announcement of their arrival soon turned extraordinary, as a simple round of applause turned into something spectacular. For whatever reason, the applause just wouldn’t die, and when all was said and done, the applause had lasted a total of 31 minutes, a new Camp Timberlake record.

The applause eventually drew to a close, and the attention soon turned to the announcement of the evening activity. For a third and final time, the helmet was donned, and the nightly fun – Little Chief and Jedi Ball – was announced.

A short time later, Timberlake hiked up to the Council Ring, ready to hear about the progress everyone had been making over the past week. Tonight’s promotions were:

  • Scout – Charlie H., Hays L., Patrick M, Davis P., Charlie W., and Alex W.

  • Guide – Jonathan H., Issac L., and Blake W.

  • Pioneer – Will G. and Rees R.

  • Ranger – Jack G. and Jake T.

  • Tracker – Will Henry A., Gus R., and Luca T.

  • Hunter – Carson H., Nathan M., Charlie S., and Peyton W.

  • Warrior – Parker C., Jack H., Hank H., and Brandon P.

  • Pathfinder – JB G.

After Little Chief was Jedi Wars, and was a smash hit. The goal of Jedi Wars is to rescue Yoda – a counselor painted in green – and then to destroy the Death Star. As I’m writing this, the Seminoles and Iroquois are locked in Galactic Combat in the last competition of Tribe A Palooza.

Sometimes, it’s fun to break from the routine of camp, and Tribe A Palooza is a great opportunity to do just that. Spending a whole day in competition is something we don’t get to do all that often here at camp, and when we get to, it’s an awesome time.

Until Next Time,

Charlie Richards

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