_46A5226smThe final Saturday of the summer here at Camp Timberlake was filled with superstars in all aspects. Bars, commendations, and promotions were earned camp wide in the evening activity – Little Chief.

Before all of that came the beautiful beginning of the day – mouthwatering French toast and succulent sausage. After that phenomenal meal, campers went to the morning yell lead by camper Gary M. Following that, campers charged up the hill to a beautiful chapel service in which we sang How He Loves and Nothing But The Blood of Jesus. Then campers proceeded to furiously clean their cabins in cabin clean up – Big Piney won the day with a perfect 10! (The first time Big Piney has earned a 10 all summer).

In the first two periods, backpacking class learned how to throw and set up bear bags. Alex S. was successful in lighting a two-match fire! Up by Spencer’s Green, Ben C, Magne E., and Spencer V. earned their bronzes in fencing. Down the hill from them, Charlie J. earned his bronze in airsoft.

Lunch was flavorful meatball subs with the greatest dessert OF ALL TIME: SMORE POCKETS! After lunch, the clothing room was open during free time and many campers took advantage of it to pick up any timber-swag they have been desiring. During free time, Swimming and Kayaking were open for bars, and Luke F. was able to earn his silver in swimming with ease.

In the afternoon periods, Henry S. shot his final grouping for his bronze in archery! Meanwhile, pottery was enjoying some action-packed games of Apples-to-Apples.

Dinner was appetizing BBQ chicken and rice, ended with another camp favorite dessert: ice cream bars. Unfortunately the sticks did not have any jokes, but we managed to live on. Somehow.

At the Little Chief ceremony, the most prestigious award, Little Chief, was given out to two campers: Ben A. and Colby F. This is an incredible achievement and something that all of Timberlake staff is incredibly proud of these young men for. They have worked hard during all their years at camp and have always been stellar models of what young men of God and leaders look like.

Commendations were also handed out at the ceremony. Commendations are granted to approximately 20% of each cabin, and are voted on campers and counselors individually. In Tomahawk, Cooper G. and Michael S. earned a counselor commendation and Gary M. and Michael S. earned camper commendations. In Little Piney, Peter B., Luke F., and Will G. earned counselor commendations and Will G., Will J., and Will S. earned camper commendations. In Big Piney, Andres D. and Thomas S. earned counselor commendations and Connor B. and Jack G. earned camper commendations. In Stomper’s Knob, Gresham C., Houston J., and Charlie O’B. earned counselor commendations and Ben A., Gresham C. and Drew J. earned camper commendations. In Little Slaty, Rawson B., Jack M., and Cole R. earned counselor commendations and Edward C., Geoffrey M., and Phillip S. earned camper commendations. In Big Slaty, Alex A. earned a counselor commendation and Chase R. earned a camper commendation. In GreyBeard, Freddy E. and Tim M. earned a counselor commendation and Harper C. and earned camper commendations.

After that serious and quite emotional ceremony, the evening became rather comical. Lower cabins went to The Mike for GOLD FISH RACES! It was inconceivably intense. You can hear the chants and cheering from here in the Big House, where I am writing the article! While Lower Cabins were having fun with an unprecedented and zealous competition, Upper Cabins were competing in Ultimate Basketball. It is basically two games in one: Ultimate Frisbee and Basketball on the same field within the same boundaries! It gets spirited, as you can imagine.

Today was the perfect final Saturday here at camp. Campers excelled and worked on bars, enjoyed activities, and earned commendations all whilst enjoying the great meals and phenomenal desserts. From start to finish, today was an energetic day with campers pushing themselves to the next level of success through bars, promotions, and similar achievements.

Mike Provosty

Little Piney Counselor

UF Class of 2020

Little Chief and Proud Iroquois