Sunday’s are Different and Sunday’s are the Best

            Hello parents! As I am typing this, all our boys are either sleeping or getting ready to go to bed. It’s been an exceptional day here at camp and everyone is already looking forward to what tomorrow has in store.

But, I want to talk about today, and what makes Sunday’s here at camp different and what makes them special. On Sunday’s camp does not look like it normally does throughout the week. We get to wake up an hour late, do not have our usual four daily activities, we sing a couple more songs in chapel, we perform skits at evening “vespers” and best of all (for counselors), we get an extended free time and rest time. We do Sunday’s this way because God commands that the Sabbath day is to be different than any other day of the week. On Sunday’s we rest more, we worship longer, and we enjoy God’s creation at camp in a unique and beautiful way.

            In the mornings, we were treated to a great breakfast of cinnamon rolls, and then headed up to chapel, where we sang more songs than normal, and then instead of having a typical “true story”, the staff prayed for the prayer requests of each of their cabins. Then after cabin cleanup, because cleanliness never takes a vacation, we headed out to some epic tournaments including frog catching, dam building, sandcastle building and, a tradition unlike any other, Sunday at the Masters (Frisbee Golf edition).

            Lucas Z. and Adam G. crushed it on the links at the Masters, Andres D. and Philip S. constructed some awesome castles, Team Piney clogged up the creek in the Dam building contest and everyone over at frog catching searched valiantly for a killer frog. We had a classic Sunday lunch of fried chicken and then it was off to the best hour, rest hour! After rest hour, there was an awesome afternoon consisting of a free swim, basketball tournament, trading post, and great conversations until it was time to head on up to the Mark for the much anticipated Sunday cookout. We grilled up some great burgers and dogs and listened to some great America themed music. Once everyone’s bellies were full, we all headed down to chapel for Sunday Vespers. Vespers is one of my favorite things we do at camp. There are skits; some popular songs and we close with a “true story” about Jesus. The men of GreyBeard stole the Vespers show by performing the first all camper skit Camp Timberlake has ever seen! It was an incredible display of synchronization, technique, humor, and downright ridiculousness. Be sure to ask your son about the epic GreyBeard Vespers skit. Skits also featured another visit from our heroes Rex and Jeff KwonDo and the evil Isaac and Eric Ichabod. Rex and Jeff have been stretching the limits of what I thought was humanely possible this session with their daring feats of Tae Kwon Do and Isaac and Eric have consistently attempted to perform illusions, which have predictably fell flat.

            After Vespers ended with a true story about how Jesus is our ultimate source of joy, it was time for another Sunday tradition: The Tribal Soccer game. The highlight of the game came late in the second half when Seminole striker Pablo Diaz Del Castillo sent an absolute lightning bolt from the quiver of Zeus into the upper corner to win the game 2-1 in favor of the ‘Noles! It was truly unbelievable action up on Spencer’s Green!

            Once the final whistle blew, our younger cabins enjoyed some chill time up on Spencer’s while our older guys took to the lake to end their day with a free swim. It was truly a Sunday to remember here at Camp, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us tomorrow.

Signing off,

Brandon Chase

Program Director

Former Back2Back Skip Prosser Basketball Camp Free Throw Shooting Champion

5-Time UNC Intramural Champion

Inner-tube water polo enthusiast

#LPFL (Little Piney for Life)

Former Middle School Student Body President

Former coach of the U-9 YMCA girl’s basketball girl’s team: The Rainbow Warriors

Former Chick-Fil-A Employee

Proud Tar Heel

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