Were right back at it again! Timberlake enjoyed their day of rest, but the nitrous has kicked back in. Reveille rings bright and early and thunder rumbles as the campers stampede down to breakfast. Pancakes are for breakfast, good and hot! Chapel was led by Big Piney counselor James Cloutier. Then, activities jolt back into full swing.

For Climbing, Michael A. bouldered. In Swimming, Harper C. and Ben L. got their bronze. Also, Henri F-P. got his silver. Keegan K. killed it in Airsoft today where he earned his bronze. Jack G. got his silver and gold, won a 4 v. 1, and hosted a successful tournament. Big Deal! Awesome job Jack G.!  Mountain Biking worked on cornering today. Team sports gave out bars today to those campers brave enough to answer the call. Rocketry Launched today and AJ Clemente and Will Gabrielle both got Gold. In mountaineering, Chase Robinson showed the class how to use the Platypus water filtration system after returning with five other campers from the two night Mt. Mitchell fourteen mile hike. In Pottery, pieces were glazed, and he first set of finished pieces should be done in a day and a half.

Three trips went out today. A Backpacking trip left early before sunrise to have breakfast enjoying the majesty of the surrounding mountains and the beautiful sunrise. The youngsters from the cabin Tomahawk went on a canoeing trip down section 4 of the French Broad River system.  Also, nine campers got to shred the waters of lake James in an exciting water skiing trip with Nick Bean.

The evening activity was… … Search and Destroy! The kids erupted with excitement when they heard it announced. This is only the second time this big game has been played and it is quickly becoming a camp classic. In Search and Destroy campers of all ages take risks planting “bombs” in the opposing tribes side. This games stretches across camp and if planting  “bombs” isn’t exciting enough then the campers can search for an imprisoned counselor from their tribe that is hidden behind enemy lines with the “Big Bomb”. All these objectives are performed with flags on their sides that could be pulled, a la capture the flag style. Right Now the game commences, check in tomorrow to see if your camper’s tribe won. The results of yesterday’s battle of Tribal Soccer is the Seminoles. Congratulations boys. Good luck both tribes in Search and Destroy.

Andrew Daeger

Little Piney Counselor


Big Chief

I Met Jimmy Fallon Once

Proud Iroquois