DSCN9395The last Tuesday of camp. A bittersweet thing to wake up to but, just like every day before the guys got out of bed and marched down to what may be the best breakfast, Geometry breakfast! Circle eggs, biscuits, sausage patties and oval hash browns, what a way to start the day! This morning at Chapel, John talked to everyone about the true importance of Jesus’ resurrection and how it truly shapes our Christianity. After Chapel, everyone went back to their cabins to clean and then headed on to first period.

In climbing, Pablo D. and Alex A. got their silver bar by climbing the ascender line in the Mike! In cooking Jack D. made some really good Cheerwine Ice Cream, I’m sad I missed out on that! Finally in Canoeing, Ted Q. and Connor B. earned their bronze bar and shredded the lake! For lunch today, we had tacos…NOT in a bag. A big shock for much of camp. At the end of lunch it was announced that Greybeard had just edged out Big Slaty to win today’s cabin clean-up, but with only 4 campers here I’m still proud of the men of Big Slaty. We also found out today that the SEMINOLES won last night’s game of Search and Destroy. This makes the race for this session’s banner literally as tight as it could possibly be. Lastly at lunch we had one more promo with Rex and Jeff Kwon-Do as the two karate masters split a whole rock in half!!! Then they defeated the Ichabod Illusionists in a broom race to really send those guys packing for the summer.

In the afternoon there were many tournaments that went on including a football tournament held by Gary M., a soccer tournament held by Michael A., and an Air Soft tournament held by Alex A. During this afternoon’s activities, more bars were earned! Keegan K. earned his bar in Mountain Biking! In Swimming, Connor B. and Jackson H. earned their silver bars! In Paintball today, the guys got warped on the course and Charlie O. went, as counselor Winston H. put it “ham”! Finally, William J. and Henry S. crushed it today in tennis! For dinner tonight, we had cheese ravioli and vegetables with cheesy garlic bread. At the end of dinner we learned that tonight’s evening activity was MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!! This will be a huge night for both the Seminoles and the Iroquois, as tonight’s outcome could possibly decide the banner.

Tonight, after evening activity Greybeard will be playing with the puppies, Little Slaty is roasting marshmallows as well as Stomper’s Knob. Little Piney is raiding the trading post and Big Piney and Tomahawk are having a dance party and tether ball tournament! But most importantly, Big Slaty will be continuing their game of Risk from last night. It’s a close and intense battle right now for complete world domination!

As we wind down the days here at camp, I only hope that every boy and staff member cherishes every minute that have here. This is truly a special place that is dear to my heart. If I could save time in a bottle the first thing I would like to do is to save every day until eternity passes and just spend them here at camp.


Max Hartman


Big Slaty Counselor

Roll Tide