_46A7610smToday at Camp Timberlake, from the moment boys awoke, to dinner time, all things lead to one pinnacle event. The boys worked in their activities and during free time to earn last minute bars in anticipation of the Final Campfire.

Final Campfire is a big deal here at camp. It’s the last opportunity for the young men to be recognized for their achievements in activities, as well as earn commendation in their cabins. The bars in activities and commendations are counted as part of the Little Chief system, and some boys were able to earn promotions in their Little Chief rank through these. There are two types of commendations for the boys to earn; camper and counselor. Camper commendations are voted on by the boys in each cabin, based on a variety of reason such as leadership and overall caring of others in the cabin. Counselor commendations are basically the same, except they are chosen by counselors of each respective cabin. Commendations that were earned tonight are listed as follows.


Counselor – Gary M., Michael S.

Camper – Benjamin C., Cooper G.

Little Piney

Counselor – Luke F., Connor G., Samuel H.

Camper – William S., Spencer V. G., Blake W.

Big Piney

Counselor – Adam B., Eiji T.

Camper – Connor B., Andres D.

Stomper’s Knob

Counselor – Adam G., Drew J., Clark W.

Camper – Ben A., Adam G., Benjamin L.

Little Slaty

Counselor – Rawson B., Pablo D., Daniel Y.

Camper – Edward C., Enrique D., Geoffrey M., Chase R.

Big Slaty

Counselor – Alex A.

Camper – Chase R.


Counselor – Joe B., Timothy M., J.

Camper – Joe B., Harper C., Bennett D., Charlie D.

All of these commendations earn the boys “marks” which are entered into the Little Chief rank. There were many significant promotions this evening. Lower cabin promotions were as follows:


James C., Benjamin C., Cooper G., Gary M., Logan M.,

Michael S., Spencer V., Blake W.


Brayden C., Luke F., Eiji T., Lucas Z.

Upper cabin promotions are listed below. It is important to know that the rank of Little Chief is the highest rank on the system, and four young men earned that rank this evening. It is a very big deal around Camp Timberlake and these men should be very proud of themselves.


Zach C., Gresham C., Adam G., Benjamin L., Jack M.,

Henry S., Chase S., Clark W.


Edward C., AJ C.


Harper C.

Little Chief

Frederik E., Timothy M., Joseph V., Alexander Z.

As the sun set over the great smoky mountains this evening, the boys celebrated their promotions as well as spent some time remembering the great memories made this session at Timberlake. Following this, everyone gathered in a circle to sing the Camp Hymn one more time as brothers of Timberlake. After this, the battle on spencer’s green AKA Commando ensued, and tonight, as the trumpet signals bedtime, every boy here at Timberlake will dream about all the great times they had this session.

Signing off,

Joey Dean

DJ Dean

Proud Iroquois