Dear Friends and Family,

We are excited to announce that we have purchased 215 acres that will eventually become the new home for Camp Timberlake.

The property is located thirty minutes east of camp and we are starting construction immediately. While we are excited to move forward quickly, we won’t be rushing any part of the design or building. Details and precision make all the difference as we create a space that perfectly balances safety, fun, and adventure.

Our mission is growth through friends and adventure. Timberlake is doing just that – growing. It’s been growing so much in fact, that the program is ready for the next great adventure. The mission, traditions, and essence of Timberlake will remain the same, but our new home will give our boys a place to be on their own, find new adventures, and grow life-long friendships. We are excited to have you join us as Timberlake continues to grow as one of the premier camps in the nation.

Great times ahead!
Adam & Ann and John & Catherine








A few pictures of our future home!