Two weeks from today there will be about a hundred fathers and sons roaming the property here at Camp Timberlake. They’ll be climbing on the tower at Spencer’s Green, christening the newly redesigned airsoft course, eating tacos in a bag in the Tucker Inn, and defending the flag in sock war. It’s all happening in just two weeks, and we can’t wait.


There are so many reasons we love our Father Son weekend. We love returning campers bringing their dads to camp, to show them what they’ve been talking about all year and initiate them into their tribe. We love new campers discovering Timberlake for the first time alongside their dads, and watching them both fall in love with this special place. We love that this weekend kicks off our summer season with a HUGE bang.  We love how beautifully the weekend captures the generational continuity of camp, as fathers and sons join the same tribe and former campers and counselors who were initiated in the 80s, 90, 00s, and this decade look on with pride: all back to celebrate and share their love of Timberlake.


But what do we love most of all? That’s easy. We love that dads and their sons are spending time together. We love watching dads take the time, make the time, to go on adventures with their sons. Dads, we know that there are any number of places and ways you could choose to spend time together, and we’re grateful so many of you are coming to spend the weekend with us.

The countdown is on. See you at camp!