Hello from Father/Son Weekend!

We are right in the middle of what has already been an incredible experience at camp. As I write this, nearly one hundred fathers and sons are enjoying archery, riflery, rock climbing, canoeing, airsoft, cooking, mountain biking, and fly fishing during our third activity period of the day. But even more importantly, as I write this, nearly one hundred dads and sons are enjoying time together.


Yesterday evening we braved a brief rainstorm and held initiation, where everyone who was at camp for the first time joined one of our two tribes, the Seminole and Iroquois(check out what tribe they joined below). After initiation, everyone rushed to the back green where Winston Horn, aka the Sultan of Fun, explained the rules of one of camp’s most famous games, Sock War. It was a rousing and well fought battle, but the winner was…IROQUOIS.


This morning the boys awoke to a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, breakfast potatoes, biscuits and gravy (while the dads were heartened to discover that we also have hot coffee every morning here at camp).  After breakfast Charlie led us in our first morning yell of the summer, which was so loud I’m certain it could be heard for miles. With the rain behind us, our morning activities were a blast. 

After lunch we all headed up to the best time (rest time), before enjoying a snack and drink from the trading post. All the boys are especially excited for the free swim that’s happening after we finish our third activity. The big question on everybody’s mind is: what will tonight’s evening activity be?? Only the Sultan of Fun knows the answer so I guess the rest of us will just have to be patient and find out at dinner. I know both the Seminole and Iroquois are ready for another great game.


This weekend is truly one of our favorite times of the year at Camp Timberlake. We love providing a place for dads and sons to be together, trying new things and falling in love with camp. If you have a father or son with us this weekend, thank you for sharing them! If not we hope that you’ll join us next time!

See you this summer,

John Menendez

Director, Camp Timberlake

Proud Seminole


Our new Iroqouis are:

James Bledsoe, Jay Stout, James Cate, Jason Huff Sr., Flynn Lancaster, Josh Dunford, JJ Heffron, Cole Heffron, Joe Conder, Gus Conder, Cullen Lee Sr., Cullen Lee Jr., Jaime Davis, Jackson Davis, Harrison Davis, Stewart Lyman, Tucker Lyman, Hugh Frazer, David Frazer, Dale Garner, Bill Garner, Neil Rader, Andrew Rader, Michael Curcio, Churchill Curcio, Dan Crouse, Canaan Crouse, Aubrey Linville, Grayson Linville, Aaron Dirks, Beauregard Dirks, Jackson Dirks, Mitch Scharf, Mason Scharf.


Our new Seminoles are:

Kevin Cline, Jim Kitchens, Greg Lavigne, Street Croci, John Scott, Aaron Krause, Robert Sykes, Elliott Sykes, Raven Davis, Cade Davis, Taye Van Hecke, Quin Van Hecke, Joe Van Hecke, Tyler Langley, Tyler Langley, Jim Garstka, James Garstka, Jaime Street, Aaron Street, Wes Sellew, Fox Sellew, Ty Treadwell, Frank Treadwell, Wake Peters, Andrew Peters, Jeff McLaren, Daniel McLaren, Thomas Meeks, Kevin Meeks, Shane Tintle, Theo Tintle, Sam Cole, Mac Cole, James Davis, Connor Davis, Luke Dutton, Pryce Dutton