Today was a solid day at camp! We started off the day with belgian waffles and sausage links! Which was a great start to an amazing day. Chapel was awesome, we sang interactive worship songs, heard a true story from John M., and then did cabin clean up. The campers then went to their activities and worked on getting their bronze, silver, or gold bars. For starters Drew S. and Ethan S. got their bronze in wrestling, Thomas H. and Carlton W. got their bronze in kayaking, Jack B. got his silver in kayaking, and Chuck H. got his first role which was super exciting! All of the campers have shown major dedication to achieving their bars, but also to growing through friends and adventure! These campers are great kids and continue to show that through their actions. For our evening activity the cabins had cabin time and were able to do things a little differently than what that had experienced thus far at camp. Little and Big Piney had a talent show, Little Slaty had a seoh at Lake Dorris with a free swim, Big Slaty helped the Tomahawker’s raid the trading post and the Greybearder’s went on a two night hike! The kids ended off the day feeling complete after a full day of friendly competition, exhausting activities, and fun fellowship.


Thanks for reading, this is Dakota M.

Proud Seminole, signing out!