Day Joe Boy Cow

Today wasn’t just any day at camp– it was Cowboy Joe Day! ‘Round these parts there’s a legend of a cowboy named Joe who is famous for doing everything (and I mean everything) backwards and for cooking up delicious NutDoughs. And once in awhile, we take a day to celebrate that. We started out last night by explaining the legend of Cowboy Joe before bed.

Then, this morning, we were all woken up by a gang of cowboys whoopin’, and hollerin’ in our cabins! And when we sat up, they threw us all doughnuts and chocolate milk. The whole day was scheduled backwards so that meant we all went and played a game of Battleball (normally an evening event), and then the boys all went to their 4th period activity first!

Spencer G. earned his gold bar in riflery, and Colby S, Tommy S, and Jack B. all earned their gold bars while mountain biking the Kitsuma Trail. Throughout the day, campers and staff could be seen wearing their clothes backward in celebration of Cowboy Joe.

After 4th period was lunch: roast turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, and rolls. After we’d all eaten our fill, we got free time which was full of Trading Post and rocket launches as boys from the rocketry class tried to earn their bars. Several boys earned bars including Zach P. who got his bronze. Free time also held lots of games of tetherball and several hammock hangouts.

In our backward schedule, rest time came after free time. The boys wrote letters home or read books quitely. And from there, it was on to third period. The canoeing class practiced T-rescues in preparation for their trip on Friday. The cooking class worked on desserts by baking a delicious chocolate cake and by blending milkshakes.

After that was second period. Backpacking practiced setting bear bags, and Logan B. got his gold bar. Pottery worked on glazing their creations. Meanwhile in wrestling, Brennon B. perfected his far ankle drop. In Archery, Owen S. got his bronze bar, Jake H. got his silver bar, and Thompson B. got 2 of his gold targets. From second period, we all went to a cookout! Half of a pig smoked to perfection by the cookout team, with broccoli, rolls, mac ‘n’ cheese, and cookies. Then we went to chapel–which is normally after breakfast–before starting the evening activity.

That was Cowboy Joe day here at camp!

Jameson E.

Canoeing instructor, Big Piney counselor, proud Iroquois