This “Jersey Thursday” was a great one here at camp. From Kayaking down Nantahala Falls to earning bars in a variety of activities, your sons were met with challenges and took them head on.

To start off William B. and Richard B. both earned their gold bars in Rocketry by building and launch a level III rocket. This is quite a difficult challenge and the fact that they are both in Big Piney is both outstanding and exciting. Jake H, Aiden K, and Nate S all got their bronze bars in Kayaking by learning their rolls and demonstrating an assortment of different maneuvers used to traverse whitewater. Miles B. got one step closer as well by learning his roll and performing it confidently on the lake. Logan B. and Pacey S. both showed their knowledge on the 6 string by achieving bronze in Guitar.

Now on to the trips! Nantahala Falls is one of, if not the hardest, whitewater rapids that campers are taken on, but our campers were very confident and faced it boldly. Hunter S, Jack Belt, James B, Henry B, and Seamus G all crushed it. Seamus in particular got back up after falling a couple times and showed great resolve on finishing a rapid and did so brilliantly. On a separate trip, Colby S. and Jonah O. both completed a very difficult and intensive multi-pitched climb. The cabin Big Slaty also had their own challenge on the table in the form of 28 beautiful steaks. Their counselor Tyler S, already proving to be a wonderful griller with the pig from yesterdays cook out, hit this one out of the park. I could see big smiles appear on every single face as they took their first bite. It was a quiet dinner to say the least. That about wraps it up for today’s article!

Have a great rest of the night!
Cooper D.