The morning came quick today, and I was surprised to be awoken to something other than a friendly trumpet.  SUN!!! It pierced through the cabin screens reaching campers before their counselors could get to them with the anticipated cowbell.  A proven tool that has a 100% success rate for getting those extra groggy campers down to Tucker Inn.
On the porch of Graybeard cabin, I watched as the young men of Stompers Knob walked past on their way back from sleeping at the Mark.  They had this new authority in their steps and posture, I can only imagine last nights initiation to the upper cabins was something quite special.  The walk down to breakfast I find, is one of the most beautiful times at camp.  The sun shines its rays through scattered openings in the trees, creating an almost spotlit path to the bottom of the hill.  As campers flow down the hill and build up on the back porch, the smells of something good sneak through the doors and draw campers in the dining hall to, “Stand around those tables”.  We’re having pancakes! Not just ordinary pancakes but blueberry pancakes.  What an occasion it was, setting the mood for the rest of a lovely camp day.
At Chapel Dakota M. taught us what is looks like to lean into God when we sometimes feel like the walls above us are just too high.  Very relevent for my cabin, the men of Grey beard as we headed to cabin clean up, where we suffered a catastrophic loss the other day and needed something pretty close to perfect in order to make it back.  We pulled out our heavy duty artillery… the swiffer, thanks to Miles and Garrison B.  After quarters were bounced on beds and white gloves were swiped across cubbies it was off to activities.
It was an active morning on the lake as campers learned how to be hip by using their hips.  Harris taught hip snaps and to some more advanced “yak-ers” the T rescue.  Lucas O. even earned his silver, and Khari D. got his bronze bars.  Down below in the Enchanted Barn some magicians worked await their crafts.  Gabe V. and Reed turned balls of clay into beautiful pieces of art and are looking forward to glazing them in the next few days. A couple doors down the mad scientists in rocketry worked hard to finished up their flying machines.  Tommy B. really help out to get everyone ready for launch.  Hey, it’s only rocket science.
Speaking of launch, it was just about that time as tummies, mistaken for rockets rumbled away.  I don’t think I’m the only one that gets extremely excited for the lunches at Camp.  They are phenomenal to the point where I’ve heard others say they would eat a Timberlake lunch for every meal of the day! Today was nothing different, Philly cheesesteak and curly fries.  They did their job and put everyone in a food coma, so rest time fit perfectly inline for our schedule.
After a much needed nap the excitement wash all over my body again, it was free time and on this very particular hot, sunny day we had a free swim.  there was blobbing and kayaking, kids were jumping off the diving boards, it was a perfect way to cool down and enjoy the sun we had.
From there we jumped back into activities,  In paintball the campers ducked into the trees and behind barriers, Cameron S. took step to get closer to his silver bar.  At fencing there was a dueling match that took its way up from the mark all the way down the spencer’s green when it ended in a Coupe of the leader of soccer Nick L.  Over in archery stakes were high as campers worked for their bars.  It ended in Owen S. receiving his silver bar and John Menendez having to do 88 push ups.
It felt like a Friday night when we had amazing barbecue chicken for dinner and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  And because It’s Friday, that means Little Chief.  A night and event to recognized all the amazing things these kids do at this camp.  From leading in their cabins, to showing their skills in daily activities.  After the ceremony one of the most wonderful comes is played.  Counselor hunt.  It’s a massive game of hide and seek between campers and counselors.
In all it was one of those days that really felt like camp.  The sun was out and there was laughter throughout the grounds. Another wonderful day at Camp Timberlake.
Now I need to go find a good place to hide.
Street Croci