Today was a gorgeous day at Camp Timberlake. We started our day off strong with a breakfast of cheese omelets, blueberry muffins, and sausage links, and then headed off to the “morning yell” and chapel.

Lunch was mac ‘n’ cheese and mini corn dogs, which is always a big hit. Then it was off for another exciting day of activities. Michael S. and Alex E. both earned their bronze marks in Canoeing. Fox S. won World Cup in his soccer class, and Warren D. won his class’s match up.

Carlton W. taught wrestling class to his peers, and Jake W., Sam S., Ben L., and William B. all earned their bronze marks in Wrestling.

James B., Jack B., and Henry B. all went on a kayaking trip to the Pigeon River. The water levels were high, and they totally crushed it! They all also got their combat rolls. Meanwhile in Airsoft, Thompson B. completed his 2 vs 3 (against counselors) match, and James K. showed great skill on the field.

Mitchell G. completed his first roll today in kayaking class, and Garrison B. led the backpacking class in fire building and s’more making.

Dinner was cheese ravioli, break sticks, steamed veggies, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Our evening activity tonight is “Cabin Night,” where each cabin does an activity together such as laser tag, free swim, or make a bonfire. It’s a lot of fun, a great time for bonding, and a memory that campers take with them for years.

Signing off,
Jameson E.
Canoeing instructor, Big Piney counselor, proud Iroquois