Sunday Funday
Ahh Sundays. The day of rest and relaxation, and contests…lots of contests. As the boys made their way to breakfast, the sweet, delicious smell of cinnamon rolls filled the air! After the guys stomachs were filled to the brim from the gooey pastries, it was out for the morning sing! Yes yes, the morning sing, where before yelling, the guys sing a melodious chime to the Heavens! However, the worship didn’t stop there.
On Sundays chapel, much like the rest of the day, is a little different. We sing more songs than usual and instead of a true story, a counselor from each cabin stands up and prays for the guys of his cabin. It truly is an awesome experience to here a counselor pray for you out loud, and it is something I have always remembered from when I was a camper. After chapel it was straight into cabin cleanup! For cleanliness falls right behind Godliness.
Today was filled with multiple contests rather than daily activities. Contests included: frog catching, sandcastle building, dam building, and a tradition unlike any other…Sunday at the Masters. The beach was filled with beautifully structured homes made from sand, and the creek was almost completely stopped due to the amount of amazing dams. John S. and Jake L. team came in first place for having the most soundly structured dam! Next stop M.I.T.? It’s surly possible!
As the contests concluded, the smell of fried chicken was picked up by the breeze and carried all over camp! After lunch, it was announced that Greybeard had won cabin cleanup. Again. Will anyone be able to stop their string of perfect 10s? Then it was up for my favorite part of Sunday, the best hour, rest HOUR!
As the day continued, the afternoon was filled with fun and games up on Spencer’s Green. There was football, soccer, frisbee, cornhole, and many other games! Before long it was time for the weekly cookout! Burgers, hotdogs, and watermelon were delivered to the boys up on the green! As dinner concluded, it was time for vespers. Vespers is a time of skits and songs and worship, led by all the counselors! After that however, it was back up to Spencer’s for TRIBAL SOCCER! Who will win? We’ll find out tomorrow at lunch!
As the day of rest comes to an end, its off to bed we go in anticipation for another great day!
Signing off,
Nick L.
Proud Seminole
Stompers Knob Counselor