Today was another great day here at Camp Timberlake. We all woke up to a delicious breakfast of biscuits, sausage, egg and hash browns. After that it was off to the our signature “morning yell” and chapel where Austin S. told us a great hunting story.

After cabin clean up it was off to activities… In kayaking, Hunter S., Henry B. and Cameron S. all received their gold bars today. Mitchell G, Gus R., and Jack E, all worked on their rolls in the lake.

In pottery, Alejandro D. was super pumped about glazing his creation today and is looking forward to the next two-weeks!

Jacob P. made a lot of good progress in guitar today and Michael A. demonstrated his music theory knowledge and is one step away from his gold!

In rocketry today, Warren D. earned his bronze bar and Jack E. Garrison B., Mac K., Louis F, James K, Tyler S. and Thomas I. earned their silver bars.

In climbing today, James and Jack B. belayed as a requirement for their silver bar!

For lunch today we had camp favorite, stromboli! Along with some mozzarella sticks to add on to this fantastic meal.

For trips today, Khari D., Leo R., and Harry D. went on a fly fishing trip. Even though no fish were caught the boys still found nice swimming hole to relax in.

Also, Mountain Biking went to Dupont and shredded the ridge line.

Canoeing to a trip to section 4 of the French Broad River, William B. and Michael S. killed it!

Dinner tonight was a great feast of fried okra, cornbread and jambalaya which was quickly devoured by the campers. After dinner it is off to tonight’s evening activity, Pirate Ball! This game includes 4 games at once: a rafting race for a ball pit, a kayak/canoe water polo game, a real water polo game, and a treasure hunt game! But beware the krakens who usually end up making this chaotic game one to be remembered.

Signing off,

Calvin T.

Tennis/Riflery Instructor

Proud Seminole

Little Piney Counselor