Good evening from another beautiful day here at Camp Timberlake. Today has been something truly exciting: Tribalpalooza! Now let’s clear this up, this isn’t your average day here at camp. Not only are the two tribes going head to head at two separate activities this evening, upper-cabin Ultimate Basketball and lower-cabin Capture the Flag, but we skipped all of our day-to-day activities. Instead, we played an evening activity after breakfast and lunch as well, making today action-packed​

This has been a beautiful morning with fluffy pancakes, fresh pineapple, and… Sock War! Following a great message from Charlie R. in chapel and another awesome cabin clean-up, the two tribes met at the Enchanted Barn to begin this exhilarating competition. Seminoles on one side, Iroquois on the other… the excitement was clear. Starting off strong for the Iroquois, Teddy O. raced to his tribe’s side after stealing the Seminoles’ flag, winning the round. The morning continued, and many socks were thrown, but all boys get hungry. Taco-Tuesdays never cease to disappoint with tacos-in-a-bag coming to our tables, easily satisfying the eager campers (and staff).

Another delicious meal, but the anticipation would not subside. Shirts were definitely thrown, but I may have even seen a few tears of joy when Aquafest was announced. Aquafest is perhaps one of the most unique activities we hold at camp. Not only is it tribal, but it is a series of contests that campers from each tribe sign up for themselves. These contests include: canoe relay, craziest dive, biggest splash, and the famed best belly-flop. These contests get intense, with boys making some of the boldest maneuvers to win the craziest dive as well as the best belly-flop. Gabriel V. showed his bravery today with one of the wildest belly-flops we have all ever witnessed.

As the afternoon progressed, the campers realized that Aquafest would come to a close far before dinner was ready. However, Winston H., our resident Sultan-of-Fun had something planned… tribal Sardines! In this game, each tribe selects five members to hide from the opposing tribe. While all definitely had fun, Owen S. prevailed with an incredible hiding spot that no other could discover.

It’s been a fun day of back-to-back evening activities, but that’s not all.

Michael A. received his gold bar in Guitar after playing along in chapel this morning.

Jonah O., James B., Spencer G., Miles B., Garrison B., Khari D., Morris D., and Leo R., all had a fantastic on a waterfall repel today.

That’s all today, folks. It has been a gorgeous day, and stories from today will be told for years.

Stay tuned,

Quinn M.
Mighty Iroquois
Big Piney Counselor
Canoeing Extraordinaire
Camp Stove Not-So-Extraordinaire
Elon ’21