Hello from Camp Timberlake! Session 2 is officially underway here in Black Mountain, and things are off to a great start. Each day we will post pictures from camp as well as a short article telling the story of that day at Timberlake. It’s our way of giving our camp families a window into the world their boys are experiencing here at Timberlake.

This afternoon I got to see old friends reunite and many more new friendships begin to take shape. The boys got to swim in Lake Doris this afternoon and then headed off to tribal initiation. Here at camp we have two tribes, and once a young man joins a tribe, he is a part of it for life. Everybody who has ever been a part of camp is part of a tribe, and it is just one of the great ways we get to plug into community here at Timberlake. This afternoon we happily welcomed many new members to the camp family.
Our new Iroquois are: Sam O., Hutton S., David S., Evan B., Parker C., William L., Quincy G., Aidan R., Topher C., Parker D., Monty H., Luis P., Wilson R., Luke S., and John B.

Our new Seminoles are: Thomas M., Marco F., Oren S., Gavin Q., Simon M., Juan O., Hugh P., Zachary K., Nicolas Q., Tomas P., Nicholas G. and Dandre W.

As I type this article, all of camp in enveloped in our first evening activity of the session: Sock War. Imagine a huge capture-the-flag style game where we throw balled up socks to tag each other out and you can kind of get the idea. It’s a blast and I can already tell the race for the Banner (awarded to the tribe with the most points at the end of the session) will be a tight one for session 2.

Thank you so much for sharing your sons with us this summer. We have a great session ahead of us and will be sure to keep you posted on each day’s activities.


Happy Camping,
John Menendez
Director, Camp Timberlake