Good evening from yet another exhilarating day at Camp Timberlake. Today was extraordinary, with Tribalpalooza coming in hot as our full-day activity. The campers were excited to be a part of three tribal activities instead of their normally scheduled ones. However, to have great activities, camp must have a great breakfast; coffeecake, baked oatmeal, and caramelized peaches fits that role perfectly.

Moving on from that part of the morning, the camp was taken by surprise when Winston H. announced the upcoming event of the morning – Sock War! This camp-classic has held reign as one of the best evening activities to date, and campers celebrate that. Three epic rounds take up the morning as campers throw socks with force as if the game depends on it, which in reality, it does. It was a hard fought battle, but Iroquois ultimately prevailed. With so much energy spent in such little time, a good lunch was not only expected, but necessary. Greek lunch saved the end of the morning with chicken filling the pitas of smiling faces throughout Tucker Inn.

With full bellies, the campers were excited to hear their second activity of the day, Aquafest! This activity is quite unique, with tribal leaders from the Iroquois and Seminoles building the perfect team of volunteers to compete in 6 contests in the lake: canoe relay, swimming relay, clothes relay, craziest dive, biggest splash, and last but not least, best bellyflop. These contests have historically featured some of the most creative campers, and this year was anything but subpar. Starting off strong, Miles S. won the craziest dive competition for the Iroquois with a 1½ front-dive and a double frontflip. For biggest splash, Iroquois chief Ford L. pulled through with a can-opener that would make kitchens around the world jealous. Additionally, Connor G. braved the frightful bellyflop and won for the Seminoles (although Hank B. quickly followed with another perfect 10 for the record book). Aquafest was fantastic, but both tribes proved too well-versed in the water, forcing the game to be declared a tie.

Although Aquafest did take up much of the afternoon, there was time for one more tribal event: ¡El Presidente! This event is muy divertido, and our campers have definitely deemed this one of the more intricate activities. With both tribes having diligently hid their presidents, this game was too close to call so soon, and the results will be released tomorrow at lunch. Timberlake is eating some delicious pot roast as this is being written, and I am sure they will be excited to hear about tonight’s evening activity … Cabin Night!

Stay tuned,

Quinn M.
Mighty Iroquois
Big Piney Counselor
Canoeing Extraordinaire
Elon ‘21