This Wednesday was a great one here at camp. For breakfast we had the kitchens famous geometry breakfast. To start the day, we had a climbing trip that headed out early this morning to Linville Gorge. Many campers got to experience their first climb on actual rock including George R., Seth W., Davis M., Robert H., Reed F., Connor G., and Cole L. Everyone did an exceptional job but two people stood on top with some pretty great climb: Seth W. and Connor G.

Back at camp we had plenty of great activities for the boys to participate in. Trey D. got closer to getting his Gold bar in Archery. To do this, he had to shoot six arrows at a maximum of two feet apart from 50 yards.

Josh B. learned about barre chords and how to use them in Guitar class today.

Wait M. got the reward from taking two canoeing classes by taking a free swim in the 2nd.

Lachlan W. shot a 1/2 inch grouping in riflery today, the second part of his Gold bar.

Preston C. got his bronze in Soccer.

I went down to the kitchen to check on the guys in Cooking class and found their pizzas hit the spot as a snack between breakfast and lunch.

The boys made some amazing pieces in Pottery class, and the finished products will be ready in a few days, so be on the look out for those when you come to pick up your boys!

Dinner was the much loved taco casserole. Everyone was so busy stuffing their faces that they had no time to talk, so it was a very quiet dinner to say the least. Right now the kids are playing battleball, easily my favorite evening activity.

Hope y’all have an amazing evening!

Cooper D.