Friday– the day of the week that everyone looks forward to! Friday anywhere else means it’s the weekend, but today at camp, it meant we had a lot of trips going out! As campers flooded into the Tucker Inn and ate a delicious and maybe unhealthy amount of waffles, trips were being announced to leave right after breakfast. Several campers got their bags, ate the rest of their breakfast and took off into the wilderness for adventures.

Climbing took a trip to Snakesden, just an hour away from camp. Seth W., Nolan S., Parker D., Nathan G. and Reed F. all went to Snakesden today. With unfortunate weather making the rocks slippery and hard to climb on, the climbing trip was able to hike to the nearby waterfall and rappel down the waterfall! Mountain biking took a trip out to Dupont National Forest. Blake C., Joshua B., Jordan R., Davis M., Miles S., and Tomas P. went to Dupont and had a great time. Joshua B. and Blake C. got to ride on the Ridgeline Trail in Dupont.

Back at camp, campers were working hard in their activities today and progressing further towards earning more bars in their activities. In kayaking today, they worked on forward and sweep strokes as well as hip-snaps. Several kayakers also worked on getting their roll today. Canoeing practiced swamping and un-swamping their canoes. Seth B. helped demonstrate un-swamping and how to perform a T-rescue in a canoe.

Up on Spencer’s Green, several classes worked on bars while enjoying the beautiful weather today! Nikheil P. got one step closer to receiving his silver in fencing by performing maintenence on a foil. Preston C., Ben S., Montgomery H., Wait M., and Evan B. all got their bronze in soccer class today! In airsoft, Trey D. got one step closer to his silver by winning a 2 vs 1 match!

A long day of trips and campers working on earning bars led to a well deserved meal of barbecue chicken for dinner. As campers were excitedly telling their counselors about the bars they earned today and telling their friends about the trips they went on, the day got even better: the evening activity is……Little Chief! Everyone jumped in excitement. Little Chief is a ceremony that we have at camp at the end of every week where we recognize campers who have gotten bars in their activities, received commendations in the cabin, and have progressed in our Little Chief promotion system and where they come one step closer to the ultimate and final promotion: Little Chief.

As the sun sets on another amazing day here at Camp Timberlake, we are so thankful for everyone this session, the work they have put into their activities, and the eagerness we have seen for adventure.

In Christ,

Carter Boone

Proud Seminole

Greybeard Counselor

Climbing Instructor