It’s been another action-packed day at camp! We started off with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage patties, breakfast potatoes, and warm biscuits which gave us energy for a booming morning yell.

Activities started off strong with Judah R. earning his silver bar in guitar. In backpacking, the boys learned about camp stoves and different water filters. John B. had an exciting day as he lost a tooth and earned his bronze bar in canoeing by demonstrating great technical paddling, and boat skills including a T-rescue. The boys were very excited about glazing their creations in pottery, and they can’t wait to see how their pieces turn out! Tennis played a lot of ‘King of the Court’, and Matthew D. earned his silver bar. The climbers ripped on the traverse wall, and Parker D. made a lot of progress toward his bronze bar. He’s now only one step away.

We broke for lunch, which was stromboli, a camp favorite. We also celebrated Andrew R.’s birthday with cake for his cabin and plenty of enthusiastic singing. Then, in riflery, Lucas R. got his last needed groupings for his bronze bar. George R., Trey D., Ben L., Seth W., Mason J. and John A. all went fly-fishing, and they got to spend some great time at a swimming hole.

We reunited for dinner and ate teriyaki chicken, snap peas, rice, egg rolls, and brownies before hearing the big announcement of our evening activity: Stealing Skins! Stealing Skins is a counselor vs. Iroquois vs. Seminoles game of capture the flag that all of camp is playing right now. It’s been another fantastic day at Timberlake.

Signing off,

Jameson E.

Canoeing instructor

Big Piney counselor

Proud Iroquois