Haw-Yee Timberlake! It’s Cowboy Joe Day!


We slept in a whole hour. The air is cool and tranquil until… What’s that? A gang of goofy backwards cowboys rush into our cabins to gift us some of their delicious Nut-Dos (donuts). What a way to start the day! But, the day doesn’t stop at donuts in bed, although delicious. No, the whole day will be zanny backwards fun!


Camp starts its day with an evening activity. The evening activity BATTLEBALL!! This camp favorite was played outside today. And the winner is to be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned. We follow the backwards tradition by going to our fourth activity first. Today was an incredible day in activities. There were many extraordinary accomplishments made across the board. To start, the campers earned a ton of Bars today. Hopefully you know a few… Andrew F. and Andrew R. got their Silvers in Backpacking. Ben S. got his silver in Soccer. Blake C. earned his Gold in Paintball and his silver in Team Sports. James S. and Mason J. both earned a silver in Team Sports as well.


Also today, the entire cabin of Graybeard taught classes (for the most part). To show our incredible staff some appreciation the boys took a load off their backs and instructed for the afternoon. If you know a Graybeard boy make sure to ask what activities they got to teach.


An overnight backpacking trip to Table Rock arrived back to camp after our delicious lunch. And boy did they have fun, especially Cooper E. In the backpacking class Seth B. and Robert H. started a fire in less than a minute. Across camp at the lake Canoeing got to go down the water slide. John B. went down eight times! In Riflery Davis M. got a great grouping. Nolan S. got two bullseyes in archery. Harrison B. got some sweet saves as goalie in soccer today. Also, Carlie P. fenced the instructor today and won!


Dinner today was pork. The pig had been roasting thanks to our great staff since the night before. And boy was it delicious! After dinner we had an evening yell. Yes, an evening yell! And then Chapel led by Nick leonard. But, the night is close to being over a secret activity is just being announced. It’s PIRATEBALL!! The boys run off to play pirateball thinking today couldn’t get any better but there is one more surprise awaiting them when it gets dark. Here’s a hint. BOOM! Stay posted to see who wins Pirateball.


Happy Camping,


Andrew Daeger,

Humble Elkhart Native


Iroquois and,

Counselor at the best place on earth!