Session 3A is underway here at Timberlake! Camp was buzzing with excitement as new campers came pouring onto property, excited to see what the adventures awaited them this summer. A beautiful afternoon sun fell on the lake as the boys all completed their swim test. Following the swim test we headed to tribal initiation, where each new camper joined either the Seminole or Iroquois tribe. Here at Timberlake we love our tribes as they give us an opportunity to immediately begin building community with our new campers, and create bonds of friendship that endure throughout a camper’s years at camp.

Our new Seminoles are: Charles T, Noah S, Porter S, Ford S, Dallas M, John Porter S, Alexander C, Jack K, Lance K, Sanders A.

Our new Iroquois are: Christopher D, Johnathan D, Peyton F, Elijah M, Liam P, Zachary M, Grant L, Tate L, Dylan C, Aidan G, Tomas G, David R, Max B.

Each night, the two tribes compete in legendary games to earn points towards the ultimate prize at camp, The Banner. The first points towards the Banner are up for grabs right now as the boys are in the middle of Sock War, one of our favorite games. Picture a “capture the flag” style game where we throw balled up socks at each other, and you can get the idea.

It has been great to watch new and old friendships already beginning to take shape today, and I’m so excited for all that’s ahead of us this session. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all that’s going on at camp each night with this article as well as pictures. Tune in to get a glimpse into the adventure here at Timberlake, and thank you for sharing your sons with us this summer.

Great Camping,
John Menendez
Director, Camp Timberlake