Session 3A truly kicked off today after a delicious breakfast, followed by a mighty morning yell. All of the campers then had the chance to go to their first set of daily activities. Although each and every one of them were excited to jump right in, they all had to undergo safety talks for all of their classes to ensure proper and enjoyable experiences. Luckily, however, safety talks do not eat too much into class time and the campers were able to start enjoying themselves quickly.

After their first two class periods, the campers entered the dining hall and awaited the results of the first of Cabin Cleanup inspection. Each cabin did well, all earning above the score of a nine. The cabins of Tomahawk and Greybeard have had an age-old rivalry and they both yearn to have the Golden Plunger back in their possession. They both were yet again in the top two spots, but Tomahawk came out as the victor for day one. Immediately after, the winner of the first evening activity was announced – The Powerful Seminoles have started out the session by taking the lead in the race for the banner.

During the first few minutes of rest time, tribal elections were held. This is when the two tribes each select their tribal leaders. The leaders are elected by their own peers and are recognized as role models for the rest of camp. Each tribe elects: One Chief, One Medicine Man, and Two Lookouts.

For the Iroquois the results were:

Brian S. – Chief

Hank H. – Medicine Man

Hays L. and Will G. – Lookouts

For the Seminoles:

Bennett D. – Chief

Charlie D. – Medicine Man

Grant S. and Patrick M. – Lookouts.

After a long day of fun classes and a classic dinner of spaghetti, the campers have once again split up into their tribes in order to fight for a win towards the banner in tonight’s evening activity, Inferno. It will be exciting to see who comes out victorious and what new adventures tomorrow has in store for us here at camp.

David A. Ganuza