Good evening from another fantastic day here at Camp Timberlake! Today vwas definitely one of our most beautiful days this summer, and we made sure to take advantage of that. Starting the day of strong, baked oatmeal and blueberry muffins soared out of the kitchen window into to bellies of excited and hungry campers. Today’s daily and free-time activities were something special, with archery, riflery, climbing, and a free-swim being some of the highlights of the day. Many campers were able to work towards their bronze, silver, and gold bars, making today not only a day of fun, but a day of progress.

Mountain biking took the reigns on trips today, being the only trip that went out. However, this trip to Dupont was exhilarating, with Magne E., Keegan K., Daniel A., Ben A., Chip B., Jonathan H., and Brayden C. crushing the trails all day.

At camp, the campers enjoyed the first activities without safety-talks, which certainly helped many campers receive and work towards bars, including: Dylan C. shot one more grouping towards silver, Dylan C. and Gresham C. worked on their bronze in climbing, and Charlie O. and Harry B. received their bronze in archery.

While these rockstars were working on bars, everyone else was still having a great time, especially Rawson B. and Daniel H. killing it in canoeing, Tomas G. helping out the younger guys in guitar, Enrique D. and Andres D. loving pottery, and Dash V. making backflips look easy on the diving boards.

Although the daily activities hold the majority of the day, the evening activity is always the most sought-after part of the day. As we speak, the Iroquois and the Seminoles are going head-to-head in a game of Battleball, perhaps the most exciting evening activity here at camp.

It’s easy to tell that today was an amazing day at camp, but looking back on all of our days here, every day is amazing. Rest easy knowing that these campers are having the time of their life, and from my personal experience, they’ll spend the next 48-50 weeks at home dreaming of this place.

Stay tuned,

Quinn Martin

Mighty Iroquois

Big Piney Counselor

Canoeing Extraordinaire

Elon University ‘21