Today at camp, the boys woke up to a hearty and delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage.

After downing the breakfast at lightning speeds, they ran to do the morning yell and went to chapel, where Flynn spoke to us about being lost and having God guide our way. Energized and full of faith, the guys went to the cabins to clean, with Graybeard scoring a perfect 10.
A few of the guys took a trip to the Lower Green today, where Charlie D. mastered his combat roll, a huge feat that takes lots of practice!
Back at camp, Charlie O. got his roll in kayaking. Even in still water like Lake Doris, still a difficult task. Over up at the guitar hut, Preston taught a class in a lesson about how to identify keys of songs.
At lunchtime, the boys dug into a meal of chicken pitas. After finding out that the Seminoles had won both Upper Cabins and Lower Cabins battleball and having a subsequent celebration, they headed off to rest time and free time.
In afternoon classes, Ben A. worked on his bronze in backpacking with Neil. In other backpacking news, last night Henri P., Tomas G., Brandon P., Ben A., and Edward C. did their Solo 13s last night, where they stayed up and camped alone a little ways above camp on Tomahawk Mountain for the night.
The guys enjoyed a delicious dinner of pot roast with mashed potatoes before learning that the evening activity for the night is Stealing Skins, a camp favorite. Another undoubtedly great day at camp. Until next time.
Kennon Saad