Today was an eventful and beautiful day at camp Timberlake! To start off the day we had our regularly scheduled activities where campers worked on certain skills in their classes and some pursued bars. Campers that had waterfront activities first and second period were able to enjoy watermelons before activities began! Also, while on the waterfront, campers in Kayaking were able to work on their rolls and T-rescues! These are the campers that were able to get bars in their activities; we’ll start with fencing: Alistair S., Charlie H., E.J B., Chip, and Ethan H. received their bronze! Next, Chase R. received his bronze in archery, Davis B., and Gresham C. received their silver in soccer while Henri F.P., received his gold in soccer! And last but not least Charlie D. got another grouping towards his silver bar in riflery today and was able to clinch his silver in climbing! We also had some awesome trips go out today such as a climbing trip to the Linville Gorge area, a water skiing trip to Lake James, and a rafting trip near Waynesville! These were the campers that went on the climbing trip: Tommy A., Will G., Byers N., Keegan K., Theo T., Tyler S., Tamon H., and Tomas G.! For the water skiing trip: Sam H., Chip B., Spencer V., Corey H., Carter H., and Aaron S.! Finally for the rafting trip: Braden C., Ryland K., Shailen Z., Peter B., Mitchell B., Declan Q., and Dale G.! They seemed to all really enjoy there trip and it was a great opportunity for the campers to experience!