Today was another great day at camp. A lot happened today across the board.

Xander E. Built a sweet spare parts rocket in Rocketry. A spare parts rocket is a difficult Gold requirement where someone must build a rocket with no instructions from a spare parts box.

Geoffrey M., Alex A., Ben A., Henri F-P., and Brian S. all went on a kayaking trip to Pigeon River. Pigeon River is the hardest river that campers are allowed to be on and Harris Cannon–the kayaking instructor–tells me that all 5 guys did really well.

A lot of guys made progress on bars in Climbing. Sam H., Connor B., and Gresham C. all showed up at free time to work on their silver bars, which includes learning to belay.

Pete B. learned how to T-rescue. T-rescuing in kayaking is when you use your boat to provide assistance to somebody who is flipped upside down.

Connor B. also received his silver in Fencing.

Tonight’s evening activity is Cabin Night. All the cabins hung out together and did separate activities. Tomahawk had a talent show, free swim, and will sleep at the Mark. Little Piney did slip ’n’ slide, free swim, and ice cream. Big Piney did slip ’n’ slide, free swim, and s’mores. Stomper’s Knob did archery tag (which is where each team gets bows with nerf arrows and they have to hit each with them) and slip ’n’ slide. Little Slaty did wiffleball against program staff at the archery range and slip ’n’ slide. Big Slaty did tree climbing and slip ’n’ slide. And last but not least, Greybeard drove to Craggy Pinnacle in Pisgah National Forest and camped out for a while. I personally love Craggy Pinnacle and believe that outside of camp, it is the most beautiful place in North Carolina.

From this haven,

Cooper Denning