Camp Timberlake was veiled in mystic loveliness this morning as the sun rose over the mountain. A blanket of fog fell down from the seven sisters mountains (the mountains we are situated on. Our cabin each have one of their names) and settled on the Tucker Inn, where the boys made quick work of the pancakes and bacon we had for breakfast.

After breakfast, our last whitewater rafting trip headed to the Pigeon River for a big day on the water. Daniel Y, Edward C, Magne E, Presley M, Zach C, Gresham C, Brendan D, Charlie J, Noah W, Keegan K, Cole S, Whit P, Jack S, Corey H, and Carter H. all got to go on the trip and had a blast. Meanwhile back at camp, the boys were wasting no time taking full advantage of the last day of their Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday classes. Jonathan H notched his silver in wrestling. Harper C earned his silver in Archery and up at the climbing tower, Andres D got his silver and Dax M earned his bronze. At lunch there were huge cheers as we sat down to a camp favorite, Tacos in a Bag! We sang along to “Come on Eileen” and eagerly awaited the announcements that arrive each day at the end of lunch. Who won cabin clean up today? Tomahawk! Little Piney also turned in a stellar performance and took second place. And what about El Presidente? The winners were…the Iroquois! After the best time (rest time) and trading post, the guys enjoyed a rain-free afternoon free time. Some of the highlights included a free shoot in archery and roll class for kayakers in the lake. I (John) also challenged the whole camp in connect four down by the tether ball courts. We had a lot of fun playing (and some spirited and entertaining commentary from Grey B) and by the end of free time some boys had dethroned the director. Congrats are due to Gary M, Dax M and Mitchell B.

Dale G and Theo T worked on finishing up rockets in rocketry during 3 rd period, while Alex C worked on his roll in kayaking and Sam C, Michael A and Charlie D wowed cooking class with their delicious quesadillas.

We finished off the night with one of the most popular evening activities in history, COMANDO! Picture the world’s largest water balloon fight and you can kind of get the idea. As we close the books on another great day at camp the only sad part is that we only have a few days left together. Thank you for sharing your sons with us this summer.

John Menendez
Director, Camp Timberlake
Former Big Piney, Big Slaty, Greybeard Counselor
Proud Seminole