The morning starts with the tap tap tap of light rain falling on our cabin roofs. Throw on your rain jackets boys! Our first rainy day!


Activities start undercover, except kayaking. “We kayak in the rain!” counselor Harris Cannon shouts. The kayakers hit the water for the class of their life. Across camp the indoor/ pavilion classes are in full swing. Shots ring out from the riflery hut. Arrows wizz out of the archery pavilion. Atop the hill, where field classes are held, everyone gathers on the wrestling mats for the largest game of Duck Duck Goose on this side of the Mississippi. Screams of laughter ring out over the hills from inside the game’s boiling pot.


About noon the rain breaks and we are back to our original activity locations. Airsoft was excited to hit the course once the rain stopped. Kayaking continued all day and Geoffrey M. got his Silver! In the Guitar hut Tomas G. worked on bar chords and Bryant W. Earned his silver Bar! Under the riflery pavilion today Zach C. got his bronze bar. And, Jack G. got multiple groupings earning his silver Bar in riflery!


After activites all the campers meet at Tucker Inn for a delicious meal of Jambalaya and fried Okra! Mmm! Until they learn the evening activity…


… El Presidente!!! The boys sprint up to their cabins to throw on their tribe jerseys and grab an extra shirt. Who will win? Yesterdays activity of tribal Ultimate Frisbee was won by both tribes Iroquois for upper cabins Seminoles in the younger. El Presidente can only have one victor. Tune in tomorrow to see who will nab the victory.


Happy Camping,


Andrew Daeger

(*go Iroquois*)