Welcome back! Last night, a storm blanketed the land as we hunkered down. As we went to sleep, the wind howled and the rain sang in preparation for one of the most longed-after days at Camp Timberlake: Cowboy Joe Day, a celebration of adventure portrayed by the eponymous Wild Westerner. This glorious morning, the campers eagerly rose before dawn in anticipation for what the day had in store. In the Junior Camp, we could hear as cowboys, bringing “nut-doughs” and “cow-juice,” rode into town on a golf cart. Both campers and counselors dress quite oddly, with some wearing clothing backwards, inside out, and a few even donning t-shirts over jackets and socks outside of their shoes! Even the schedule looks a bit upside down, as shown below:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Cabin-Clean up
  • Morning (evening) Activity (Battle-Ball)
  • 4th Period
  • Lunch
  • Free Time
  • Rest Time
  • 3rd Period
  • 2nd Period
  • 1st Period
  • Dinner

In our activities, we had tons of kids excel today; perhaps it’s something in the cow-juice we have here in Marion…Down at the lake, Jack A. and Elliot P. both earned their bronze in kayaking. By Senior Camp, we had Ren G. and Wyatt S. fire their groupings for their bronze bar. Right next door, in the archery range, we saw Jake H. earn his gold bar. Over at the Outback, Daniel S. taught Nancy, one of the puppies our campers will train, how to sit, and Fox S. took Tina on a walk. At the Ridgeline, Garrison B. crushed the trails and Tommy S. and Jake K., who washed the bikes. At the Mark, we shot hoops and had Tommy S., Matthew J., and Logan B. earn their bronze in basketball. Good job, guys!

As the day came to a close, we gathered around the white sandy beach to eat delicious slow-roasted pork, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, and watermelon. We played beach volleyball and tons of thunderball before heading to Chapel, where we had our very own Shawn D. give True Story. Today was also Shawn’s birthday. As the basketball instructor, his campers surprised him with an autographed basketball that had all their signatures.

After Chapel, each cabin, ranging from Huckleberry to Greybeard, took the evening to partake in exciting activities, bringing all the campers together, leading to growth in each and every camper.

Thank you for tuning in,  and come back tomorrow to learn more about the land of Mystic Loveliness.

In Him,


Bryan Vidal

Proud Seminole

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