After a long game of The Great Escape campers woke up tired from all the running and random task they had to do for the stingers the night before. They all enjoyed a nice refreshing breakfast full of eggs, potatoes, biscuits, and a choice of yogurt or grits. After all the cleaning of the tables everyone headed back to those cabins to clean. In the cabin of Further Up almost half the cabin was on trips so only 6 of them cleaned a whole cabin and they did pretty well for the amount kids left.


   Speaking of trips campers; Jack B, Henry B, Hugh S,  Mason B, Jake L, Graham all went on the kayaking trip that went to The Tuck and absolutely crushed it going down the rapids. Another big trip that went out today was the day hike that went to Lookout Mountain which had; Eliot D, Ryker R, Xander E, Reid P, Benjamin C, Cole G, Tanner S, Maddox C attend this awesome adventure. An outstanding achiever today would be Coleman S who got his bronze in archery, but this was no ordinary bronze bar, he got his bronze in one whole class period, which is only one hour long, bars are usually very time consuming but not for Coleman S. Another great achievement performed by Owen S was that he gained one more mark by creating a fire by using one match. One last shoutout goes to Shade J and Jeb J for learning firearm safety by listening and paying attention spectacularly.


   A thing I noticed today was that there was one of biggest free swims of the summer so far, and every single camper there looked to have had loads of fun doing the blob and high jump into the water. Cooking made some reallllly tasty snickerdoodle cookies, through a long process of putting some good tasting ingredients together. One of the wrestling classes had a fun game of toe tag on the wrestlings mats. Also some campers progressed well in basketball with loads of reattempts, retries, and rebounds. As noted above archery went really well for everyone not only the bronze medalist. Over all camp was amazing and full of over achievement as usual. Today was everyone favorite lunch.. TACO IN A BAG, everyone just pigged out over of the best lunches Timberlake has to offer, then later we all have chicken alfredo with M&M cookies has the delicious dessert.


Signing Off,

Cole Hoffman, Iroquois, CIT for the cabin of Further Up