The mood was bittersweet as Camp Timberlake started the last day of Session 3. The day started off with three trips leaving in order to get in that last bit of adventure that can only be found at camp. The climbing trip took Keegan K., Joey B., Will G., Drew J,. Peter B., and Shailen Z., on their last trip of the session. The young men of Little Piney took a trip to Upper Creek Falls where they were able to enjoy one last day of community with the boys they have shared the past few weeks with. The water skiing trip took Keegan K., Joey B., Will G., Drew J., Peter B.,  and Shailen Z. 


 For the rest of camp, there was a slightly different schedule. Program staff implemented an hour in the morning for the boys to pack, in order to provide a more relaxed night where they can hang out and enjoy instead of packing. This shifted the days schedule so that we had first period later, then second, third and fourth period after lunch. This gave all of the campers one last chance to perfect the skills they have been working on all summer.  


The normal activities were not the highlight of the day, though. The final evening activity of the session was announced at dinner: The Final Campfire. What is Final Campfire, you ask? This is an opportunity to give the session to gather one last time as a unit in order to reflect on the session, reflect on their accomplishments, and hear from their leaders in the cabin of Greybeard. The ceremony starts like a normal Little Chief ceremony does commendations bars and promotions. This particular part recognizes the accomplishments of the past week in these categories. Following the typical recognition, the staff is given an opportunity to do “Remember Whens”. This is essentially when staff members share distinct memories they had from the session. This can range from memorable moments in the cabin to an outstanding goal in Tribal Soccer. The final segment of the ceremony consists of a time when the oldest cabin, Greybeard, is given the opportunity to speak to all of the campers present about their camp experience. They use this time to reflect on all that camp has meant to them over their entire experience and how it has affected even the smallest areas of their life. It is truly a unique experience for the campers to hear from their leaders and be encouraged to strengthen their friendship and skills by continuing to come to camp.      


After the ceremony, the campers will continue back to the cabins for one last night to spend with each other. A few more conversations with their counselors, card games with best friends, and memories built. What a great way to end an even better summer!  


Grace Valenti  

Proud Iroquois  

University of Florida  




Camper: Jack S. 

Counselor: William F.


Finch’s Landing 

Camper: Max K., George P-C. 

Counselor: Matthew A., Trevor Y. 


Further Up 

Camper: Charlie J., Bradley J. 

Counselor: Charlie J., Bradley J. 


Further In 

Counselor: Reid K., Mitchell B. 

Camper: David G., Tayman H. 


Little Piney 

Camper: Jacob W., Will G.

Counselor: Jacob W.

Big Piney 

Camper: Bo S., Andres D.

Counselor: Elliot S., Edwin M. 


Stomper’s Knob 

Camper: Ethan C., Daniel A. 

Counselor: Baran D., Logan M.


Little Slaty 

Camper: Connor B., Drew S.

Counselor: Brenden D., Sam C.


Big Slaty 

Camper: Rawson B., Zach C.

Counselor: Charlie O’B., Enrique D. 



Camper: Henri F-P.




Bronze: Dylan C.



Bronze: Enrique D.



Bronze: Sebastian O., Daniel A., Corey H. 



Bronze: Court J., Quinn S., Owen S., Joseph B., Bradley J. 

Silver: Geoffrey M. 



Bronze: Reynolds A., Carson G., Eiji T., Logan M., Quinn S., Jeffery C., Dylan C., Jack A., Maverick H., EJ B., William I., Noah W. 

Silver: Henri F – P., Tayman H. 

Gold: Rawson B. 


Field Sports 

Bronze: Theo T., Trevor Y., Tyler S., Eiji T., Elliot S., Smith L., Peter Q., Austin Y. 



Silver: Michael F.



Bronze: James G., Maximilian K., Evans T. 

Silver: Michael A., Spencer V. G., Shailan Z. 



Bronze: Rawson B., Bradley J., Noah W, William I. 

Silver: Henri F-P., Drew S. 



Bronze: Corey H.


Mountain Biking  

Bronze: Grey B.

Gold: Riley D., Ben A. 



Bronze: Bradley J.

Silver: Rawson B., Oliver M. 

Gold: Shailen Z. 



Bronze: Ben L., EJ B., Duncan S., Elijah B. 

Silver: Carson H., Charlie J., Jackson N., Elliott S., Aaron S., Connor B., Tayman H., Reynolds A., Quinn S., Xander S., Bradley J. 

Gold: Lucas Z., Owen S. 



Bronze: Court J. 

Silver: Henri F-P.