Welcome to opening day highlights from Camp Timberlake! Today marked the first full day of activities for session 1B! Starting off the day right, camp walked into the Tuck dining hall to find a delicious meal of French toast and sausage links waiting for their arrival.

First period classes started up soon after and the fleet footed guys in fencing, Jack E, Christian L, Sean L, Ayden M, and Ryker R, started off first period with a flourish! They learned three fencing techniques, “en garde, advance, and retreat”.

In second period field sports, Carson B, David E, Roberto P, Robert P, James S, and Logan W had an extremely intense soccer scrimmage. After second period, camp went on back to the dining hall again to find one of the most anticipated meals EVER being served for lunch. The meal you ask? Mini corn dogs and mac and cheese.

Moving on to third period, the guys over in cooking class, Daniel B, Henry B, Gus C, Alejandro D, Bailey F, Mitchell G, Ryan G, Timmy M, Miles S, James S, and Phillip W, served up plates of mouth-watering snickerdoodle cookies. Bringing up the end of an absolutely phenomenal day is fourth period, and in wrestling today Alberto C, Benjamin C, Alex E, and McKean K learned neutral position, referees position, take down, and sprawls. Hudson L spun into pottery today and threw on the wheel! A fly-fishing trip went out today, and Thomas I caught a feisty brown trout on the West Fork of the Pigeon. Dinner was fantastic baked ziti and breadsticks with chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. The evening activity tonight was an oldie but a goodie that was brought back from the Timberlake vault. It is a game called INFERNO. We ended the day with a little rain to cool off the camp for tomorrow.


Chris Tarney

Fly Fishing Instructor