Happy Monday! Today was a fun-tastic, action-packed, first day of camp! Everyone was quick to rise to the sound of reveille at 7:00am. We all then proceeded to breakfast only to be served the one and only, geometry breakfast! We love shapes here at Timberlake with our circular eggs, sausage patties and biscuits, and square hashbrowns.

After that mighty meal, we proceeded to the morning yell to wake our bodies and souls and raise them to the heavens. During chapel, we danced and sang some camp favorites such as “Star of the Morning,” and “Pharaoh Pharaoh” and finished strong with our camp hymn. We all jogged on back to our cabins to clean and make them tidy as possible. With a very tight finish, the greatest cabin (my cabin), Little Slaty came out on top with a 9.5 setting the bar and earning their way towards the Golden Plunger trophy with a pizza and donut party.

We all then proceeded to our first and second period classes with the exception of some campers in Further Up and Further In, going out on trips. Dalton S, Jack S, Finn K, Trip C, Kenan A, and Chase V hit the river and fly fished, catching some nice trout on the water. They all had an “absolute blast on such a hot day!”

John C, Charles D, Elliot, D, Zander E, Hugh H, Pierce H, Rich J, James M, Thomas S, Chance S, Jesse W, and Sam O all headed to Upper Creek Falls in Linville Gorge. They slid down waterfalls and flew off a rope swing into the crisp, cold, fresh mountain water. A perfect activity for a boiling hot day!

The rest of us tried new activities back at camp. In particular, backpacking class worked on the techniques of building and sustaining responsible fires. Mountain biking learned how to break and shift on the new mountian bikes. We all then headed to lunch for another iconic camp lunch of walking tacos. We filled our Frito bags with ground beef, lettuce, cheese, onions, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, and refried beans for a delicious time in a bag.

After lunch, a well-needed rest time (best time) arose. But right before, we had tribal elections with William L as the new Seminole chief and Matthew R. as his Medicine Man. Cole L. was elected the new Iroquois Chief with Quinten S. as his Medicine Man. With the sound of the “charge” bugle, campers raced to the trading post to eat some yummy sweets such as Twix bars and sweet tea. It was then time for free period with most campers taking a nice swim while getting blobbed or jumping off the rope swing.

We all then proceeded to head to our third and fourth period classes with Charles P. making a fire flame pinch pot in pottery. Campers tried out the new bows and air rifles in archery and riflery. The same went for paintball and airsoft. Field sports played a scrimmage in soccer.

After classes we headed on over to dinner for some delicious chicken. We were treated with our camp favorite dessert of S’more pockets. A tough battle was then fought in a game of “El Presidente.” Stay tuned for the winner to be announced tomorrow! The bugle then promptly played taps at 9:00pm for junior camp and 10:00pm for senior camp wrapping up our action-packed day. Come back tomorrow to hear about another amazing day at the one and only Camp Timberlake!


Henry Ishikawa

Backpacking Instructor and Little Slaty Counselor