Today was a special day at Camp Timberlake. Today was Cowboy Joe day. On Cowboy Joe Day, we like to do things a little backwards. We talk backwards, we walk backwards, we even do our schedule backwards. To begin, the boys wake up an hour later than usual to the sounds and sirens of the bugle going off. Once they rise to start another great day, they are immediately greeted with doughnuts; we like to call nut doughs. These nut doughs are paired with our coldest chocolate milk delivered to everyone’s cabin for breakfast in bed (along with some granola bars and yogurt, ya know, the boys need a well-balanced breakfast).  Next, it was announced that we were playing battle ball for our evening (morning) activity. We normally play our evening activity last, so naturally, we do that first on Cowboy Joe Day. After the evening activity, we all walked backwards to the Tuck where we ate a hearty meal of chicken and waffles. While at lunch it was announced that the Seminoles won battle ball and that Little Slaty dominated the field in Cabin Cleanup scoring a strong 9.0.  After lunch, we had free time and trading post where campers get a snack and a drink if they do well on cabin cleanup. Following free time was the best time, rest time. Campers can use this time to read books, write letters and contemplate the complexities of life. After rest time, campers went to their third, second and first period activities, in that order. Later in the evening, we met up for a Cowboy Joe Day cookout at the Tuck where we enjoyed some BBQ, mac-n-cheese and some cookies to round out the meal. Following dinner, we had the evening yell and chapel. The end of chapel revealed a super-secret SECOND evening activity of pirate ball, a camp classic. The tribes are neck and neck in the race for the ultimate prize, the banner, so the outcome of tonight’s activity could turn the tide in favor of the victor and give them momentum going into the final week of activities.

Even amongst the wild ride that is Cowboy Joe Day, camp managed to send out two trips. The climbing trip went to Beacon Heights in an attempt to slip the bounds of gravity and scale some rock walls while the kayaking trip felt the flow and rode the stoke on the mighty Tuckaseegee river. 

Day Joe Boy Cow (Cowboy Joe Day backwards) is always a great change of pace and fun day for everyone involved. 





Tristan W., Carson G., James C., Declan Q., Michael J., Owen S. Shailen Z., 



Isaac H., Dash V. Peter Q., William I., Ian W., Tayman H., Ted Q., 


In Christ,


Harris Cannon


Kayaking instructor

Big Slaty Cabin Couselor

Proud Iroquois