Opening Day! Opening Day! Opening Day! There is no such thing as a bad opening day. The bugle goes off at 7:00 sharp and woke up all the counselors and first session campers. The boys slowly got out of bed because they want to sleep just a little while longer. However, the reminder that new campers were coming today got them excited quickly. The possibility of new friends always animates the boys. Everyone brushed away their morning breath, rinsed their faces off, and did their temperature checks. Don’t worry I didn’t forget John;). Breakfast is served with raspberry and cream danishes with cheese egg quiche. No, we didn’t cater from a gourmet bakery. THIS IS ACTUALLY CAMP FOOD! I know it’s crazy. After, full bellies counselors got ready for the arrival of new campers and their parents.
Campers find out their cabinmates and where their home will be for the next two weeks. New friendships begin here, and old friendships are renewed. Returning campers right away ask if we are doing lice check. I promise this is a thing. It is a great head massage and is very relaxing. After the lice check was the swim test, where after a long or short day of travel, the lake feels wonderful and acts as a perfect refresher. Initiation at camp is where the campers get immediately put in either the Black Bear or Golden Eagle tribe, where friendships are made, and tribes will compete for the banner, which will be announced at the end of these two weeks.
The New Goldens Eagles
Will A.
Ellis B.
Alex C.
Braddock C.
Tiller C.
Walker D.
Patrick F.
Wilson G.
Wade K.
Collins K.
Reef L.
Tristan L.
William M.
Ben M.
Bo O.
Harrison P.
Solomon P.
Benjamin P.
Matt R.
Andrew R.
Hayes T.
Spencer V.

The New Black Bears
Alexis B.
Lucien B.
Xavier B.
Charles C.
Case E.
Charles F.
Jude G.
Henry H.
Ben H.
Henry H.
Bennett H.
David L.
Hep J.
Bosten P.
Bronson P.
Keagen R.
Greg S.
Thatcher S.
Ethan U.
Wright G.

New and old campers all have a tribe that they can call home. Campers walk down from the council ring to tribal chants The Black Bears have their amazing, creative, and maybe a little intimidating chants. The Golden Eagles do some rhymes and copy off of Vanilla Ice and call it chanting. I might be a little biased as a Black Bear… Everyone then heads down to dinner and ate a classic family-style fried chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, and green beans. We have some apple turnovers for dessert; can you really have a more perfect meal, probably not. Then everyone heads to bed. Just kidding what’s the fun in that, plus everyone still has so much energy. The sultan of fun, Winston H. announces that a game of sock war will be played, and it is exactly what it sounds like. War with socks. After a brutal battle, campers come together and start heading to their cabins for showers and bedtime. A silence falls over Camp Timberlake as every camper and counselor gets their rest for a full day of activities tomorrow.

Tommy Schweitzer
Black Bear
Big Piney Counselor
Mountain Biking instructor