There is always something calming about waking up to rain gently hitting the cabin roof and soft wind hitting campers’ sleepy faces to ease them into another fun day of activities. Also, to make the morning even better, we all enjoyed some delicious fruit and french toast for breakfast. To most, a rainy day might make you sour and want to stay inside, but not us! Even though it was raining, campers were still pumped to go on trips! Reef L., Case M., Sterling S., Benjamin E., Banks P., and Henry O. were all psyched for a cool morning mountain biking trip around camp. Will R., Wilson G., Ben H., Hep J., Anderson K., Wyatt M., Colin M., Ben M., Cort P., and Spencer V. all hopped into a camp van to go rafting down the Pigeon (not gonna lie, kind of jealous that I wasn’t on that trip). Shredding down the Tuckasegee river today (another trip that I wish I could go on sad face) was Miles S., Bryant C., Merrick C., Ben C., Spencer M., Ethan S., and Will T.

During classes, the sun made a shining appearance and warmed up the day just in time for tribal elections! Congrats to David F. and Will E. who were elected as the Black Bear lookouts! Another congrats goes to Jack P. and Matthew G. for being chosen as the Golden Eagle lookouts! (Go Eagles!) After lunch, Juan L., Jack D., Jason H., Adam K., Will A., Keaton W., Alex F., and Matt R. all left for an overnight backpacking trip. I can only imagine the views they are going to see tonight with the beautiful weather we were given! During classes today, campers mastered neutral and ready positions during mountain biking, and rock climbing did bouldering. A special shout out to Merrick C. who won in a 3v3 match in airsoft and to William F. who had a PERFECT takedown in wrestling! Great job boys! To finish out another great day of activities, Ethan T., Patrick F., and Samuel H. all got their wet exits in kayaking fourth period. Now how could such a beautiful day such as today end? Well, campers scarfed down some sweet Thai chicken and rice with some warm sugar cookies for dessert then learned that the evening activity is mission impossible (one of the best evening activities hands down). Now you might be thinking to yourself, self that seems like a pretty great day, and you would be right.

Natalie Custer
Paws Instructor
Proud Golden Eagle