Good morning from Camp Timberlake! We had another beautiful Tuesday as campers got a first taste of the second half of their daily activities; allow me to walk you through it!

After hearing Reville bright and early, the boys headed to the dining hall where they were met with a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and french toast. Any grogginess among the boys was gone after an enthusiastic morning yell led by John M. In chapel, Charlie R. told an incredible true story where he ate a five-pound burger that he tied into our chapel lesson for the day—Who is God?

It would not be a day at camp without adventure off of the property; today we took a whitewater rafting trip on Section 9 of the French Broad River. The rafters included Charlie A., Ben C., Grant D., Emerson F., Kirk F., West L., Colt P., Ben P., Conor T., Will V., Radford W., and Charlie C. 

It was a picturesque day on the waterfront! During free time Hawksbill, Turtleback, Little Piney, and Big Piney enjoyed a free swim. Hutton S. and Sky W. used this time to perfect their backflips off of the rope swing. In swimming, campers worked on the fundamentals of freestyle and breaststroke while receiving instruction on how to flip off of the springboard. Nearby in kayaking, campers learned how to wet exit, side-by-side rescue, and hip snap; Spencer M., Garret S., and Andrew F. discovered how to roll their kayaks upright. Unfortunately, multiple canoes flipped over today and got “swamped.” This served as a great learning experience, campers got to learn how to T-rescue the “swamped” canoes. 

For lunch today, we enjoyed ham sandwiches, fresh strawberries, and even a special treat: USA-themed popsicles! Following lunch, we moved on to a refreshing rest time, followed by a relaxing free period where some campers competed in GaGaball and Nine-Square. Other campers joined the famous Chair Party where they embraced the shade of our old-growth trees here at Camp Timberlake. A few campers were brave enough to run the grueling Crooked Mile with counselors Seth B. and Michael B.!

During afternoon activities, pottery worked on their pinch pots which are soon set to be glazed! In PAWS our golden doodles, Charlie, Sadie, and Ollie, joined the campers for multiple walks around camp; nearby, disc golf played the back nine holes. Jake O. learned how to dig a cat hole in backpacking and rocketry was fortunate enough to launch the BAZOOKA! In our range classes, archery and riflery, campers learned all about safety, how to knock an arrow, how to shoot from prone, the anatomy of the bow, and how to measure groupings. Parker D. took charge in airsoft, leading his three-man team to victory!

Capping off an amazing day, we ate a nutritious dinner of spring rolls, spicy chicken, and Rice Krispie treats. Afterward, the Black Bear tribe came away with a decisive victory in the Great Escape, tightening up an already close race for the banner. The boys’ achievements today in amalgamation with their passion for the gospel are what makes camp a place like no other!

Signing off,

Alex Atherton

Kayaking Instructor

Proud Black Bear