It’s been a great Wednesday here at Camp Timberlake! We started with a fabulous build-your-own sausage biscuit breakfast extravaganza to be fueled up for another day of activities and adventure and headed outside “for the mooooorninnnngggg yellllllll.” 

Ben C., Britt M., Andrew R., Duncan N., Blake P., Trace S., and Preston H. set out for a fly fishing trip – Britt M. and Ben C. caught five fish! Fly fishing wasn’t the only trip to go out from camp today: Larkin R., Charlie A., Brit M., Nolan S., Harrison W., Sanders H., John W., and Barrett B. went to Upper Creek Falls to try out their climbing skills on some real rock! 

Back at camp, there was plenty of action in our activities. The PAWS class worked with the puppies on the “heel” command (Wait M. and Jack V. got this on their first try with their pups!). Dylan W. and David Allen B. both got their bronze in tennis. 

We were all ready for some delicious chicken sandwiches, french fries, and watermelon for lunch. During lunch, we found out that the prestigious cabin of Huckleberry won cabin cleanup with a score of 9.75 (so close to perfection!). 

After rest time and free time, we headed back out for more activities. The mountain biking class rode spyglass (can’t beat that view!), and Trey W. did a flip off of the high dive! Basketball class worked hard in some scrimmages (Garrett S. is working hard on his gold bar requirements), and Graham W. earned his bronze bar in Archery class. 

We enjoyed roast beef, potatoes au gratin, rolls, carrots, and ice cream sandwiches (dare we say this was the perfect day of camp food?). As I type this, I am hearing the cheers of senior camp as they play El Presidente. I can see junior camp cabins scattered across camp enjoying cabin night (think slip n slides, s’more bonfires, and free swims, just to name a few) as another delightful day at camp comes to an end. 

John and I were just reflecting on how today felt like just a good, normal day here at Timberlake. We love “special” days and surprises, but the routine of camp is one of the many small, but key elements which we believe foster growth and independence for our campers. It is a joy to watch campers begin to relax into the rhythm of camp life and, within the safety of that structure and predictability, try new things, make new friends, and learn more about who God has made them be. We saw lots of young men standing a little taller today as they walked (and run!) around camp. 

Until next time, 

Catherine Menendez