Goood Moooorning from Camp Timberlake! The day started with a delicious breakfast casserole and chocolate muffins. The muffins were a huge hit and a new favorite. After the meal, we made our way to the chapel. There, we heard a true story from Winston Horn. We then went on to have a very successful time at cabin cleanup. Today was a super clean day, and Huckleberry was victorious with a 9.75.

Our morning activities were a blast! Drew D. climbed to the top of the tower for the first time! Nickolas P. got his bronze in archery. Tristan D. filtered water from the lake in backpacking and also did some great double-leg takedowns in wrestling. Brit M. made a massive stride towards his silver in climbing today.

We had three trips out today. Climbing went out with Parker H, John B, Jack D, Reid S, Nikheil P, Ford S, and James S. Rafting hit the water with Barrett B, Brodie B, Wells F, Elijah G, James M, Mac P, Noah V, Jaik W, Gavin W, Jack V, Pace L, and Evan B. Kayaking paddled away with Andrew F, Parker D, Spencer M, Max C, Garret S, and Daniel V.

Morning activities left us pretty hungry. Today, we had Pizza Pasta for lunch. It’s a delicious combination of pizza and pasta. After our meal, we learned the winners of last night’s evening activity, El Presidente. The Black Bears won in a close game that came down to the last 10 seconds. After lunch, we took a deviation from our typical schedule and commence with tribe meetings. The Golden Eagles met at Junior Camp and the Black Bears met in The Tuck. In these meetings, we practiced our tribal fight songs and hymns. These are two songs that we sing during lunch when our tribe wins the previous game. It’s a super-awesome time and a great tradition. The Black Bears took time to drill in their fight song “Onward Black Bears”. Now we’re ready to sing them tomorrow!

Our afternoon activities were just as great! Parker D. learned his roll in kayaking. In canoeing, Aiden P, Nickolas P, and others paddled the Voyager, a 10-person canoe. Nickolas P. and Francesco P. did great playing World Cup in Field Sports today, winning the whole thing. Grey W. had a great game at goalie in Field Sports. Elias W. had a productive day in mountain biking, practicing braking downhill. In kayaking, Noah V. got his bronze.

Tonight, we had barbecue chicken for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert. After we finished eating, we heard the ever-awaited “and now …” The Tuck filled with uproar and yells of anticipation as John M. introduced the Sultan of the games. The Sultan of Fun dashed from the building and emerged with a tricorn hat. Before he could say the words, we knew what was coming. We burst into applause to learn that we were to play Pirate Ball, an intense and intricate tribal game in the lake.
Tonight, as we lay down to sleep, our counselors read us the Legend of Cowboy Joe. A most observant camper should know what comes tomorrow. Today was a big day, and tomorrow is going to be even better.

– Thomas Williams
Rocketry Instructor
Stompers Knob Counselor
Mighty Black Bear