Timberlake Camp at day glorious this on surprise a to up woke boys the! (The boys woke up to a surprise on this glorious day at Camp Timberlake!) After sleeping in an extra hour, the boys were shocked awake by a loud “HAW YEE” from John and his minions delivering “nut-doughs” (doughnuts) and “cow juice” (milk) to all of the cabins. Yep, you guessed it! It was COWBOY JOE DAY! Everything was backwards and crazy all day! After a fun breakfast (real nutrition was also provided in the form of breakfast bars, fruit, and yogurt), the boys headed to play an evening activity: BATTLEBALL. Matthew H., West L., and John W. had some incredible moments during the game! It was an epic game as always, and tensions were high, but the Golden Eagles pulled out the win! Go Eagles! 

We had a couple of trips head out after breakfast as well! Climbing came back from an overnight trip. Parker H., Jack D., Reid S., Nikheil P., Ford S., and James S. all had a blast climbing and camping out in Linville Gorge. Camp Timberlake’s first-ever Disc Golf trip went out today! Daniel V., Gavin W., Blake P., Teddy M., Patrick B., Hudson L., Bailey F., Logan O., and Elijah G. were our pioneers on this trip and had a great time! Our last trip that went out was a day hike with Backpacking. William M., Barnes Z., James H., Charlie S., Francesco P., Kasen M., Earnest F., and Luke F. got to spend time on a beautiful trail outside of camp for a bit. 

Back at camp, the backwards day ensued. After BattleBall, the boys headed to their 4th activity. Mountain Biking progressed in their skills and rode the Pump Track today. It was time for lunch after 4th period. Lunch was more of a fabulous brunch of Chicken and Waffles with fruit, cereal, grits, and yogurt. After lunch the boys went to free time and got some candy at Trading Post, then they got to enjoy a full rest hour! We love a day where we can sleep in AND get an hour of rest time. After rest hour, the boys headed to their 3rd activity, and then their second activity. Sadie, Charlie, and Ollie, our favorite camp puppies, were taken on some longs walks where the boys practiced the command of the day: “heel.” Our boys would make some excellent dog trainers! Then it was time for dinner. Dinner was a classic cowboy meal of pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, corn on the cob, with lemon bars for dessert. The day didn’t stop there! The boys did the “evening yell” and then headed up to Chapel. Natalie C. gave a chapel talk about a time she was attacked by a turkey, and the boys learned about the Gospel. After Chapel, everyone headed up to the County Fair where they played inner-tube wrestling, pull the golf cart, tug-of-war, balloon darts, basketball, soccer, football, and any fun activity you can think of. It was good to just have time to hang out and let boys be boys. The highlight of the night was Pie the Counselor, always a crowd favorite. 

Signing off,

Margaret Patton

Assistant Program Director

Proud Golden Eagle