Good morning Camp Timberlake! We woke up once again to the beautiful warmth of the sun rising over the immaculate Blue Ridge Mountains. Today is a day like no other, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the tales of Camp Timberlake. 

This is an extra special day because we get to celebrate the growth and achievements of the young men at camp. We get to recognize those who excelled in both cabin life, as well as their activities. We recognize these young men through bars and promotions. Let’s not jump too far ahead and bring back down to the daily activities. 

Today we had a mountain biking trip and a trail running trip leave. While they were out shredding the trails, Brodie B. was en-garding his way to a bronze in fencing. While rolling the wrist and swinging the sword, Connor S. and Jack W. were rolling their way to completing a successful kayak roll. After rolling into dinner and enjoying some good pasta, we get ready for the famed Little Chief Ceremony and the insane waterslide and shaving cream war!

During the Little Chief Ceremony, we promote campers and help them work towards the ultimate Little Chief. Starting with the younger cabins and their cabin accomplishments, and receiving the promotion of Scout: Charlie A., Lucas B., George D. Bishop D., Jack G., Mathew H., Michael L., Cam M., Teddy M., Duncan N., John W., and Gray W. Receiving their Guide: Drew D., Nikola G., West L., ChristianM., Britt M., Thax M., William M., and Blake P. And to finish off, receiving their Pioneer: Britt M.

Moving up into the older cabins and senior camp. Receiving their Tracker: Patrick A., William E., Kirk F., Hugh H., Powell M., Brayden M., Logan M., Sam O., Robert S., Chance S., and Trey W. Receiving their Hunter: Ean M., Ford S., Nolan S., Jack W., Gavin W., and Graham W. Receiving their Warrior: Aubrey S., and Charlie V. We are so proud of all of the accomplishments of all the campers here at Timberlake. Keep up the good work, and thank you for tuning into another day in the life of camp.


Scottie Huger

Swimming Instructor

Proud Golden Eagle