Nothing beats a Saturday at Timberlake! This morning, everyone woke up to some hearty breakfast casserole and blueberry muffins before asserting our dominance over the Marion valley with the daily morning yell. We heard a chapel from counselor Colby about how God is our

father. Then, campers took off to clean those cabins! 

Morning activities were a blast, but some guys got the chance to leave camp and explore the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains on some trips! Andres D, Peyton S, Hudson S, Caleb D, Alex W, Daniel A, Lance K, and Jackson G. went on an epic advanced bouldering trip, growing in their skills and having a blast at the same time. Cole S, Richard B, William B, Ford B, and Mason B. rode one of the most legendary mountain bike trails on this side of the Mississippi (no joke), Kitsuma! One of the coolest parts of camp is being able to learn so many different skills on camp property and then getting to apply them on real mountains, rivers, and trails.

Back at camp, activities were in full swing. Tennis played some doubles matches and king of the court, rocketry continued construction on their rockets (ready for launch soon) and Henry O. unleashed a killer crossover move in basketball that even had the counselors stumbling. After our

morning activities, everyone headed to a delicious lunch of Philly cheesesteak and curly fries! A camp favorite for sure. Then it was time for the best hour (rest hour) and free time. CIT/Program Director Winston H. restocked the trading post today, so everyone rushed down to get their hands on some of the new candy and drinks we had in stock. During free time, the older campers got the chance for a free swim! There were some incredible blobs, high dives, and rope swings, but the highlight was seeing Spencer V. hitting a double front flip off the blob after being launched by Grady R. It truly was a sight to behold. Spikeball, volleyball, and gaga ball ensued at the beach, and it was quickly time for afternoon activities. 

Kayaking got the chance to go down the kayak waterslide, and David C. tried to get as many turns down the slide as he could. Eiji T. and

Thomas M. also got their bronze bars in kayaking! There was a slight afternoon thunderstorm, so swimming and canoeing played some awesome games of beach volleyball while we waited for

the storm to pass. Up in fencing, Ford B. got his silver bar while the guys over at the Mark played basketball, soccer, and football! After afternoon activities, we rushed to the Tuck for a dinner of cheese tortellini pasta and some confetti cake for dessert. Tonight’s evening activity is Age of Empire, an iconic game where staff dress as different countries (real or fabricated) while the campers try to capture each country to

build an empire for their tribe. The counselors get very creative with their costumes and country names, so it is a fun time for all! Tonight, visions of the extra hour of sleep we get on Sundays

will dance in the campers’ heads as we gear up for another great day at camp. Thank you for sharing your boys with us this summer, they are having a blast, and we love seeing their growth and their joy here at camp.

From This Haven,

Lucie Christian

Waterfront Director

Red Wolf for life